this is a fairly anonymous blog, so I’m going to talk money. Joe makes good money. On paper, it should be easy for us to afford things. In reality, our spending has kinda gotten out of control. Staying at home makes me want to go out and spend money, alot. We’re also in need of at least one car, with the other one not far behind. And I want to finish our basement, and go to Disney world in the next couple of months. Last month we spent more money than we brought in. This month, I think we saved $200. Before we had Calvin we would spend $750 a month. Since our spending has gotten out of control, we’ve been taking out $900 cash and still spending some(quite a bit) on our debit cards. Well I freaked out, and started looking at houses BC i feel like we don’t have any money. We do. We do. We just need to adjust out lifestyle. So we’re doing that. We’re taking out only $590 this month and going to try it. It’ll work out to be this, assuming four weeks in a month.

$60/week for groceries ($240)

$10/week for J spend ($40)

$15/week for my spend ($60)

$20/week for dates ($80)

$30/month for toiletries

$40/month for Calvin needs

with a buffer of $100.

this doesn’t include our Christmas budget. We will also card gas and formula.

I’m getting excited to try and do it.

we had been spending $80/week on groceries, and $40/week on eating out. We’ve decided to be much more frugal in our dates. So we’ll have a regular date night on Tuesday involving sonice dollar burgers and grocery shopping. Then maybe. Sams Saturday date involving $1.50 hotdog combos and samples. Bringing our eat out totals to $6(assuming j eats 2 burgers at sonic) so with the remaining $14 we can either save up for two weeks and go out to eat at a nicer place, or buy some nice food to cook at home. I know we have a date planned for December 22nd which will likely be $40 ish so we’ll have to plan for that too.

So, we’re trying it. Those are my real numbers. We may fail, but we’re trying to tighten our belts and save like crazy for a car or 2.

I’m doing recon today and tomorrow at sams club and gfs in preparation for our new frugality.


3 thoughts on “budgeting.

  1. Dining out is a killer for us! I’m trying to get better about cooking during the week but sometimes life gets in the way.

    We listen to Dave Ramsey every night and although we don’t follow his exact program (we’re working on it), we are hitting most of his steps and on our way towards our major financial goals. He has a free budgeting app (EveryDollar) that a couple of my friends have had good success with in the past.

    1. Eating out kills us. but even our grocery budget had gotten out of control. Our big killer now is I’m home all day. So not only do we not have my pay check that we’re still having to get used to, but its hard to not go out to eat lunch or shop at target or something.

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