mid cycle cramping

priot to treatment cycles, I would usually ovulate cd17-22. Today is cd 18, and I’m cramping. Like almost feel like my period should be here cramping. I never would cramp before at ovulation, even when we triggered and I released 3 eggs. Oh well, post pregnancy body is weird. I have no idea when my period is due. The last one started on the 12. I figure if I don’t have a period by the 20th, ill take my $tree test. That’ll be 38 days. I know my cycle may be wonky, but my longest cycle before was 37 days. So who knows. I’m surprisingly calm and not going insane. Other than noticing the cramping, I’m not really tracking anything. We have dtd several times since cd13, and we’ll likely continue, but it isn’t overwhelming or pressureful.

also, my baby slept terribly last night. Maybe teeth? Idk. He was sitting up and crying at 1030, so I went to hold him. Then again at 130, 4, 530, and 645. I didn’t go in any of these times though. But I’m exhausted.


4 thoughts on “mid cycle cramping

    1. Yeah. I’m calling it ovulation and that’s that. So I guess I’m in my first two week wait. Yay! Only 16 days til testing.

  1. Mid cycle cramping is totally weird and frustrating at the same time. Post pregnancy cramping is even worse because there are so many things that it could or could not be. I cramped horribly for 3.5 months and just started my first cycle. So annoying.

    Sorry about little man sleepping terribly. Could it be sleep regression?

    1. I cramped so much before my firs top period. And I hated it because it was like it was for nothing. I’m going to call yesterday ovulation and just go from there.

      I’m not sure. He woke up last night at 12, and I gave him some Tylenol hoping it was teeth pain, and then he slept until 8 with no other peep. So maybe teething. He is doing some crazy nap business. Like15-20 minute morning nap yesterday. Then I put him down 3.5 hours later and he played with his paci for 2.5 hours before finally falling asleep after six hours of awake time. I’m not sure what to make of that but we’re just going to ride it out.

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