im going call that ovulation

so, for the sake of my sanity, I’m going to say I ovulated yesterday. With the cramping and the cm(seriously, I forgot about fertile cm) I think it was likely yesterday. So now I’m over the fertile phase. I handled it well in terms of craziness. No opks. No temping. Minimal baby craziness. I did ask Joe if maybe we could do treatment cycle in January(not next cycle but the next) I feel like id like to do them in spurts. Two months on, two month off. That’d be easier emotionally and financially. But who knows. He did immediately say yes, but I think he understands its going to be really difficult for me to keep the ttc to not crazy. So we’ll probably just discuss after the new year. For now, I have one month to plan my baby’s first birthday party. I think we’re not doing a theme, just birthday. And we’re doing it on his actual birthday, on Wednesday. And that’s that. I also need to get our Christmas card printed. And I’m busy being a little ole homemaker(which I’m getting much better at😊)


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