tis the season

when we first opened our home for fostering. Our worker says it tends to happen in spurts. Generally at the start of the school year, around Christmas, and at the end of the school year. Our first placement happened at the beginning of last school year, we went on hold before Christmas BC of the impending baby, and stayed on hold until September of this year. Well in the last two days we have had three calls. One for a 9 month old girl, a 3 week old boy, and a sibling set of three(4mo,2yr,3yr).

Wednesday, the 9 month old we said yes we would take. The placement coordinator said that they were going to court today, and the mom had her rights terminated on four siblings, so even though they didn’t have her in car, they felt it was a sure thing. Well the little girl wasn’t removed.

Thursday morning, our worker texts asking how it was going, and I told her we actually didn’t get the little girl, and she said she was shocked, then asked if we were disappointed. I told her yes a bit. And she asked if we were interested in a 3 week old boy. He was from a county over, and they had left two messages with homes in that county, but if they couldn’t take him, we would be next. We said yes. She ended up texting me that a family member came forward, but both of the in county families had said np, so he would have been ours. He has several siblings as well, all in care.

Thursday evening we get a call from the head of the office, saying she knows they’ve called us quite a bit, and also know we still don’t have a placement. She has a placement for us, but its ok if its a no BC its 3 kiddos, and we’ve only opened for one(two max.) I felt like this was a np, but I called Joe just to make sure he didn’t have a different opinion. He didn’t, so we said we couldn’t take all three, but if they had to split up we could take the baby. We don’t have three other car seats. Or three unoccupied seats in our car. Or unoccupied cribs.

By three calls in 24 hours. I feel weird about hoping for more, BC that means kiddos are being hurt/neglected.


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