cautiously optimistic: 1st tww ttc #2

I’m approximating that im 12 dpo. Its approximating BC I didn’t temp or opk this month. Didn’t even really track cm. I just know I was crampy for a couple of days midcycle, so I called that ovulation.

so the last couple I have been able to feel my uterus laying down on my tummy. This is one of the earliest signs I’ve had everytime I’ve been pregnant. Then last night I was rolling over and had the Charlie horse abdominal thing(round ligament pains?) which also is the very first symptom I’ve had in the past. And I’d say I’m much sleepier than usual. I wanted to take a nap yesterday afternoon, but Calvin woke up from his. But I did go to sleep at 830, and woke up at 8. I’ll test tomorrow.


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