12 month stats

Calvin decided to not grow(height) from 6-9 months. Both times he was 28 inches, and the doctor double checked both times. So I was a bit nervous about this growth. Not that I thought he wasn’t, but it is easy to get caught up on percentiles. So at 6 months he was 98%, 9 months, he was 25%. He is now 30.25 inches, and 65% so we’re growing again! And weight! Man my boy is a chunk. At 9 months he was in the low 20%(which is heavy for him, he had consistently been in the high teens, at 7 months for a sick visit he had dropped to the low teens.) but he is 22lbs 6 oz, 66%. So who knows!

He’s doing great. He’s been walking for 3 weeks, and he talks so much. Not english yet, but he’s definitely telling us something.


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