Month So far


I’m due to ovulate today or tomorrow, I think. Once again, not doing much in terms of tracking, just an average based on what I typically do, ya know, post partum. So it’s looking like I’ll call my fertility specialist around the 20th if af shows and schedule a medicated cycle. I’m actually quite excited about it. I know full well, I could get knocked up this month, but I feel like we in good hands when it come to my RE.

In other news, Calvin turned one. It happened. We had a party, it was nice, but it was sad. Sad because it was just a reminder that my brother and his family aren’t here. My Niece’s birthday was Friday, and my brother’s birthday Sunday.

Also, Calvin had his first fever Saturday, and we were supposed to have a party that night, but we had to cancel. Poor boy. I think he hadn’t been feeling well for a a bit before hand, because Friday he just sat in my lap for 45 minutes. Which never happens. And he had been super fussy at nap and bed time. Usually he’ll fuss for 30 seconds to see if we’ll come back in immediately, but Friday he fussed about about 15 minutes, so I went in and held him, and he feel right asleep. Saturday he napped in my arms. Saturday night we brought him into our bed and put on Mulan, and he loved it. He watched some, but he loved being in our bed. We did it again last night with Dumbo, and once again he loved it. He’s so funny. We’re planning on having a slumber party with Calvin where he gets to sleep with us here in the next month. It was supposed to be this weekend, but I wasn’t feeling super great.

We have Calvin’s 12 month appt this morning, and I’ve gotta get him going. I’ll post updates.


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