I am in the 2ww. I’m guessing I ovulated yesterday(just a guess)


I feel like we covered our bases pretty well. And now af is due for me on January 20th, and if she shows, I’ll call my RE to get started on a treatment cycle. I’m hoping she’ll let us jump right back in with clomid and an IUI, but we shall see. Anyone have input as to what happened when you went to see your RE ttc#2?


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  1. We saw the RE in Nov and said we could schedule a FET as soon as we would like once my next cycle was due. We didn’t have to repeat any bloodwork or tests. He put me back on Femara and metformin no questions asked and just said to call if we want to do FET.

    I hope if you do call the RE you have a similar result and can do the treatment of your choice right away.

    1. I called and the receptionist said unless something big has changed, I should be able to do met and clomid this cycle. I assume she’d also do an iui assuming I dont have more than 3 follies. Thanks for your reply,:)

      1. Awesome glad to hear it! I think once you’re an established patient you don’t have to go through all the tests again unless they’re concerned something has changed.

        I called yesterday to schedule my FET and I just have to do one procedure again next week to check my uterus but other than that we were good to go.

        Good luck with the clomid and IUI’S! Maybe we’ll be expecting #2 together! 🙂

    1. How long post partum were you? I’m trying to remember what cd is an hsg? Does that rule you out for a month?

      1. I was 25 months postpartum when I went in for my consult (I’ll be 27/28 when we start our FET cycle). The HSG is between days 5-12, so it probably would delay you a cycle. We wanted to wait a few more months anyway, so I just got lucky I could get all the baseline stuff done early.

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