much better

we went to the pediatrician, and sweet pea had a tongue tie. Tongue ties can cause major issues with breastfeeding, but she was taking formula well in the hospital so they thought she’d be fine. Well with Calvin I used tommee tippee bottles so I busted them out with sweet pea. Ugh! I think the reason we were up last night is the sweet pea can’t eat well from those. One time, after minutes of sucking, I looked down and the amount hadn’t changed. We’re likely getting it clipped, buy I did go through all those sample bottles you get from registering, and I had two mam bottles and then the medal nipple to put on a breast milk storage bottle. I gave sweet pea two oz in a mam bottle, and in 10 minutes it was gone. So last night, sweet pea didn’t want to go to sleep til 1130, but after that we fed at 1,4,&7. Not too shabby. I’m hopeful that with fuller feeds we’ll lengthen that. Dr said we can let sweet pea do 4 hour stretches at night, but no longer til we make birthweight(still 6 oz short.) we have a weight check Monday.


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