we’re a bit crazy over here.

fifth night with sweet pea. And 1st night of clomid. Alternating 100&150mg. Follow scan in a week, planning to do an iui. And DANG I forgot how expensive estrogen patches are. I’ve gotta price some other pharmacies, WalMart wanted $85 with a coupon. I’ve got five days to figure it out.

here’s our reasoning with going forward with treatment…Sweet pea isn’t a sure thing. They could take her away tomorrow. I don’t want to put treatments on hold because right now she is completely temporary. If things change, I’ll bet the crazy mom with three 1&under. What an amazing problem to maybe have😊


6 thoughts on “we’re a bit crazy over here.

      1. Yes! They process the day of the order and send next day delivery. At least that’s been my experience with both my IVF cycle and this FET cycle.

    1. Well, they will try any biological family member first. Really I have no idea. I feel like if we have sweet pea in three months, chances are she’s a keeper, but they’re just starting their search for family, so who knows.

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