newborns are hard

well, sweet pea has had 1 billion appointments over the last couple days, and I braved going out without a double stroller, or even a stroller with a carseat attachement, and it went well.

when we were pregnant with Calvin, everyone was all “sleep while you can” blah blah blah. We had Calvin, and I was tired, but nowhere near as tired as I am now. With Calvin, when when he naps, I napped. Not always, but I could. With two kids essentially a year apart, I don’t get to nap. Additionally I’m doing all the feedings sun-Thurs BC Joe has to wake up and be functional at work, which is fine. I’m not complaining at all. But it wears me out.

Calvin is also starting to experience jealousy. It took him til Friday, but he was super needy and if I was holding her, he’d get angry. So my goal is to vfull gia love tank up this weekend, and hope he last til Friday again.


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