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first cyst in 10 cycles.

in my ten medicated cycles, I have only ever had to cancel a cycle once(and by cancel I mean we still did timed intercourse) so today when I went in for my baseline ultrasound, I was a bit surprised to see a 4cm hemorrhagic cyst. Meaning cycle canceled. This cyst though explains so much. Why I had pain strong enough to wake me up 9dpo. And then my tender to touch abdomen. And my pain. I have been in so much pain. It also explains why I started spotting at 10dpo. And why I’m so bloated. So while it sucks, it at least explains things. She said I may not even ovulate this cycle. She said dont do anything that is painful, and if no AF by cd37, come in for blood work and possibly an u/s.



so, I was testing out my trigger. I had some intense cramps at 6dpo. 9dpo, my hpt appeared darker than my 8dpo test. Then 10dpo lighter and I started spotting. So, I’m going to ask my re, but it seems to me as though maybe I was pregnant, and I lost it. I mean obviously there is no way to know for certain. But with my test darker one day, intense cramps the next and bleeding starting four days early, maybe it was a super early miscarriage? Ya know, a normal person wouldn’t have ever known, and ill likely never know for certain this life time, but it seems like that would explain quite a lot of the things that happened. Just a theory.


that’s right, AF is here. Which means my lp was 11 days? Nuts. I have a baseline u/s scheduled for Friday at 945. Hopefully we’ll discuss what the heck is going on and why my lp was 3-4 days shorter than usual. That doesn’t seem like it should happen. Does this mean my lining was too thin to even think about being able to sustain an implantation? I’m not sure.


I am 10dpiui. I don’t have any issues with my luetal phase. I am on 200mg vaginal progesterone nightly. I went to the bathroom and I was spotting. Brownish. Not only when I wiped, on my panties. Usually my lp is 14-15 days. Surely it wouldn’t come early this cycle, especially with progesterone right? Any ladies have spotting while on progesterone? I hadn’t had sex within 36 hours so surely it isn’t an irritated cervix, and I hadn’t actually put in the progesterone suppository for 24 hours.


well, I ran out of my $tree new choice tests yesterday. So I went to the $tree, and they’ve changed brands! And I don’t like them. So I ended up peeing on my frer this morning, it wad the faintest of faint lines. Like seriously, faintest I’ve ever had. Joe got me a box of three frer for valentines day, so I have three more left. I feel pretty out this morning, but who knows. I’ll probably test tomorrow and if nothing wait for a couple days. If this cycle doesn’t work, we’ll go back on cd3 for an ultrasound and do another iui cycle. I feel like my re is going to want to pull up a third egg, which I’m fine with, but whenever we’ve tried, things go wonky, so it makes me nervous. We know on my current dosage ill have two good ones, we don’t know how to pull up a third successfully.


I am 8dpo. Last night I was cramping so bad, it actually woke me up. And in still cramping, bad. I’m also super bloated, and my abdomen is tender to touch. This is quit peculiar for me, something I dont remember ever having, in all of my treatments cycles including the one I got pregnant in. So who knows. My trigger is still there but so super faint, its going to be gone tomorrow.

drive me crazy.

 left to right 5dpo, 6dpo 4am, 6dpo 7am, 6dpo 5pm. The latest one dried funny, but it does look darker imo.

I know, I know, clearly trigger, but hear me out. If I implanted this morning with those intense cramps, could it be darker this evening? Right? Like say I still had like 50 hcg(just making up a number) this morning. Then baby implants, and usually it takes a couple days for a hpt to pick up hcg. Let says 25miu on this test. So maybe it makes 5-10 in 12 hours? So if I had 50 this morning, maybe I had 60?tonight, which would make it darker? Does this make sense? It does in my mind. Like 12 hours post implantation without a trigger, definitely no bfp, but with a tripper it seems like maybe your line could get darker pretty quick. I’m testing again in the morning, I’ll post an update.

6dpo, implantation?

I’m 6dpiui today, 8dptrigger, but I did trigger late(1130pm.) The two on the left are from this morning(4&7am) with being up several times a night feeding sweet pea, its hard not to pee, BC I need to pee. Last time I did an iui I had intense pains at 6dpo and got my bfp at 9dpo. This morning after sweet peas 4am bottle, laying in bed, I had some intense pains….trying not to read into it, but ill keep testing, hopefully the line will disappear then reappear, or maybe never disappear, just get darker.😏