Follicle scan 2/2/16

I have two follicles on the left (21.5 & 23) none on the rightSad smile Its actually kind funny because I have been feeling nagging pain on my right ovary, so I would have thought that’s where I had the most. The plan is to trigger tonight at 11:30pm(don’t worry, bc of sweetpea, I’ll be upSmile) we’ll IUI 11:30 on Thursday. My lining was a 6.8. This is pretty comparable to when we’’ got pregnant with Calvin (23.5 & 25 lining was 7.3) So who knows. We’ll see. I went to the $tree and bought 14 HPT. I’m going to test out the trigger this time for sure. I got my bfp with Calvin 9dpo.

Did I tell you all how crazy I looked getting my clomid with a one year old and a 2 week old? Lol. I looked just as crazy buying 14 pregnancy tests with a 2 week old and a 1 year old.


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