formula feeding v breast feeding

i had debated ff Calvin for a number of reasons, I actually was going to. Then postpartum hormones came in and I nursed him exclusively for 9 months, then supplemented with ff til 11, then strictly ff til 12.

well sweet pea is obviously formula fed. And it is HARD. In a different way. But HARD. Middle of the night feedings take longer. There is more gas. Poop is MUCH stinkier. And you have to be prepared when you go out. With bottles and formula. So if I only pack 1 bottle, we can only be out for one feeding. Where as nursing, I am the food.

so breast feeding mommas, you are amazing. Formula feeding mommas, you are amazing.


2 thoughts on “formula feeding v breast feeding

  1. You’re amazing too! I don’t know if people understand how hard formula feeding actually is. It’s a lot more than just popping a bottle in the babies mouth. Up until we went to the ubber expensive formula I had a container for the diaper bag and a container for the house. That way I always had it with me because it was inevidable Luke would want more than I brought already ready

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