drive me crazy.

 left to right 5dpo, 6dpo 4am, 6dpo 7am, 6dpo 5pm. The latest one dried funny, but it does look darker imo.

I know, I know, clearly trigger, but hear me out. If I implanted this morning with those intense cramps, could it be darker this evening? Right? Like say I still had like 50 hcg(just making up a number) this morning. Then baby implants, and usually it takes a couple days for a hpt to pick up hcg. Let says 25miu on this test. So maybe it makes 5-10 in 12 hours? So if I had 50 this morning, maybe I had 60?tonight, which would make it darker? Does this make sense? It does in my mind. Like 12 hours post implantation without a trigger, definitely no bfp, but with a tripper it seems like maybe your line could get darker pretty quick. I’m testing again in the morning, I’ll post an update.


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