well, I ran out of my $tree new choice tests yesterday. So I went to the $tree, and they’ve changed brands! And I don’t like them. So I ended up peeing on my frer this morning, it wad the faintest of faint lines. Like seriously, faintest I’ve ever had. Joe got me a box of three frer for valentines day, so I have three more left. I feel pretty out this morning, but who knows. I’ll probably test tomorrow and if nothing wait for a couple days. If this cycle doesn’t work, we’ll go back on cd3 for an ultrasound and do another iui cycle. I feel like my re is going to want to pull up a third egg, which I’m fine with, but whenever we’ve tried, things go wonky, so it makes me nervous. We know on my current dosage ill have two good ones, we don’t know how to pull up a third successfully.


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