Monthly Archives: March 2016

150 mg of clomid

well, I had a cyst at the end of our January cycle, so we had to take a month off. My re upped my clomid this cycle in hopes of pulling up a third follicle. My last clomid was Monday, today I went in for my follicle scan, and I had 7 follicles! Four on the right, three on the left. They’re all pretty small, I had three right around 14-15, and four between 11-12. I have another follow scan on sat, hopefully the four little ones will stall out, and the three bigger ones will continue to grow. My lining was also thin,5.6. So I’m on two estrogen patches in hopes of it getting fluffier. Hopefully we have three follicles on sat, and then we’ll plan to iui on Monday. If I have 4+ no iui, maybe just timed intercourse.

where we are cycle wise

I am cd 15. So, this calendar year looks very similar to 2014. We did a medicated cycle Jan, rested Feb, medicated(and pregnancy) mar. It also happened that I started metformin Jan 2014, just like this year. That year my unmedicated cycle,nwhete all I was taking was met, I had a 31 day cycle. So I’m hopeful that maybe this cycle will also be a reasonable length. We aren’t tracking o, but plan to dtd cd 10,12,14(already done!) 1618,20. Who knows