clomid iui fm#2 for baby numver 2.

I had a follow scan Saturday, where she saw a 19, 17.5, 16.5, &15.5. Lining was only 5.4mm. So she gave me estradiol tablets I took orally immediately, two vaginally that evening, and one vaginally Sunday morning. Trigger with 5000 units of hcg. Went in Monday at noon for my iui. My cervix was super tight, and she had to use a holder to get it in place after she bounced off it for several minutes. It was the most painful iui I have had. And I continues to cramp all day. It could have been because I was ovulating 3-4 eggs also though. She said I had tons of cm, she actually had to wipe my cervix so it didn’t clog the catheter. My holder she used on my cervix caused it to bleed quite a bit, which brought back so many feelings that came with pregnancy. Our sperm count post wash was 71million. We had also bd’d 36 hours prior to the iui. Then yesterday, all day, i had gobs and gobs of ewcm, so I feel encouraged. Like if this had been a timed intercourse cycle, I feel like we would have had a chance with that. I start progesterone suppositories tomorrow. I can test in 13 days. I’ll probably test in two Saturdays, lets be honest probably before. Hoping this tww goes fast. I work the second week of my tww, so that should help.


1 thought on “clomid iui fm#2 for baby numver 2.

  1. I have cervical stenosis so I have to have that damn pliers like instrument holding my cervix open for every IUI. So painful so I totally get where you’re coming from! Praying you get great news soon!

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