UGH…I’m a POAS addict



So….The top is 7dpo at 4pm. The 2nd down is 8dpo at 6 am, and the bottom two are 8dpo at 330pm. I feel like the 8dpo at 330pm is darker. I tweaked the right side, there is a line on every test. The 8dpo 330 pm is below untweaked. I should mention that I triggered 4/3 at 8am with 5000 units of HCG. So while I’m not certain the trigger is out. It’s been almost 12.5 days. So….What do you think? Obviously, I will test in the morning, which will be more conclusive, I got my bfp at 9dpo with Calvin.



4 thoughts on “UGH…I’m a POAS addict

    1. I hope so! I’m just so apprehensive…always. My lining wasn’t super great(only a 5.4, but she did give me estradiol suppositories to take until I triggered) and just the whole dealing with infertility makes every cycle seem like its doomed…

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