Any advice? or thoughts?

I’ve done two rounds of clomid ttc #2. The first time my lining was 6.5 with two follicles, on estrogen patches. The second time with 3 follicles(which is my RE’s goal for me) my lining was 5.4 on estrogen patches.

I think we may do another treatment cycles, we’ll at least do the baseline ultrasound. I just dont want to continue doing what we’re doing BC from what ice gathered, that’s too thin of a lining to expect much.

so I know femara is an option. I tried two rounds of femara, the first time I had two follicles, so she upped my dose to bring up a third to 10mg, and I only had one egg. Which I make on my own every month. So I don’t respond well to femara.

I dont know much about injectables besides the fact that they are expensive. I dont have pcos, but I have pcos-like ovaries, meaning I have alot of follicles. Are injectables more difficult if you have lots of follicles?

any advice on other options? Any other meds to take in conjunction with femara to increase the number of follicles? Or clomid to plump lining? I just want to have some questions for my RE.


8 thoughts on “Any advice? or thoughts?

  1. I only responded to clomid for two cycles and then switched to injectables. I responded very well to the injectables and I found the side effects preferable to the ones I had with clomid. I think the biggest advantage to injectables is they can really tailor your dosage more specifically then they can with clomid.

    1. How mnay days of injectables did you do? What was your dosage? How often were you monitored? Sorry I just have so many questions:)

      1. I honestly don’t remember, it was so long ago and ultimately I had to move on to IVF. It was probably around a week though, with a little more monitoring because they had to tell me when to trigger. I’m actually doing IM estrogen now for a FET cycle and it’s really not too bad — I ice beforehand for a few minutes and I don’t even feel them, and my lining has been great.

  2. I had to switch to injectables also because I couldn’t do clomid because of no CM whatsoever and I didn’t respond well to Femara. I want to say I did 5 days, but I don’t remember the dosage. It was follistim though.

    1. I’m thinking that I’ll likely ask if I can try a different form of estrogen. Maybe vaginal suppositories the whole time? Maybe even in addition to the patches. I know there is an IM estrogen injection, which sound painful, but if its effective, it may be worth it.:)

  3. I spent years alternating clomid and femara, and my first cycle of gonal-f gave me my baby girl. It is expensive but you can qualify for financial aid with emd serono’s compassionate care program. We got ours for 50% off.

  4. The clomid could be causing the thin lining. Personally, I hated clomid and never want to use it again ever. Gonal-f worked great for me and was free of side effects aside from the swollen ovaries. I used it for 2 ivf cycles. It is expensive but not too awful for as low of a dose as you would be taking for iui’s. I think I stimmed for 10ish days. I used vivelle dot patches for estrogen once. I liked it.

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