Presumed fertile

Joe and I went to eat at McAllister’s deli(kids eat free m-th!) With Calvin and Peanut. We sat outside next to a family with three children. We didn’t interact much. A couple times their kids interacted with Calvin. We all ended up leaving at the same time and Joe made a comment. Something to the next extent of, gotta load up these mountains of children. To which the other mom said. Just wait til you have another and you’re out numbered, and the dad said, at the rate you’re going that’ll be what like another year. And just like that, we were presumed fertile. Peanut looks similar enough to us that he could be ours, and Calvin.

I loved it. My immediate response was just to bask in the presumption of fertility. Like a fairytale.

Then I thought about how within another year, we could conceive. And to the outsider looking in, who doesn’t know us, or our story, we would be presumed super-fertile. In reality we are dealing with infertility.

It’s been eight months TTC #3(initially it was #2, but that’s not where the next baby will fall in birth order.) With two cycles of bringing out the big guns that got us Calvin. Ideally, I don’t want to conceive right now, but we aren’t going to stop trying, BC I can’t convince myself to take time off. We’ll likely do some more treatment in November or december if we haven’t conceived.

Peanut update, he will be ours forever. I’m 99.5% certain now. Court is June 15, idk what to expect, they won’t tpr just yet, but it could be as soon as July.


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