Age: 28(J is techincally 27 and 50 weeks, but we’ll call him 28)

DX: Unexplained infertility

Took 23 for #1 including 8 rounds of ovulation stimulation drug(6 clomid, 1 femara) got pg the first time we did clomid + iui.

Cycle came back October 2015. TTC #2 ever since. We’ve done 2 clomid + iui (January 2016 with 2 follicles, March 2016 with 4, great sperm count – 60,000,000+ post wash) BFN. We have been ttc the old fashioned way  ever since. So we’re at 10 month TTC #2.

I’m not ready to go back to the RE yet, waiting for things to settle with Peanut. I’m thinking I’d like to go back in November. Am I ridiculous for wanting to maybe talk about injectables? Both IUI’s this time my lining has taken a pretty substantial hit. I just want to know. I’m not sure if my RE is going to want to do another clomid iui, but I’m hesistant bc I feel like we’re just wasting money, and injectables is going to cost more, both for medication, and monitoring. So…what do you think?


1 thought on “Opinions

  1. I felt better on injectibles. Hated clomid. They could probably do a really low dose. I think there is a dose of just 37.5 with gonal f. It probably wouldn’t cost much for such a low dose. Maybe $200? I don’t really know. Just guessing around really. Sorry I’m not more help! Sounds like you have a pretty good chance of getting pregnant on your own though between now and Nov. Hopefully!! 🙂

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