Monthly Archives: August 2016

What’s wrong with my hormones?!

Last cycle was 40 days. Today, cd16, I’m spotting, to the extent that I wouldn’t be surprised if af shows tomorrow. What in the world??! I have also had a constant headache like daily for 10+ days. Hormones seem to make the most sense. We technically don’t want to conceive until November at the earliest, so I’m not super stressed, but it is frustrating.

Baby clothes

When we were pregnant with Calvin, several of our friends had just had their last baby, three of which were boys. So we got hand me downs. And I just kept them all. We’ve now had three newborns in our house, and I have used a very small subset of the clothes. This didn’t stop at the newborn clothes either. Just two months ago I received three garbage bags full of hand me downs size 12mo-2T. And I just through them in the basement.

Now, we have started the process of finishing the basement. And by started I mean we have the layout planned, and my FIL built me shelves so we can organize and clean. We’ll buy lumber for framing in the next couple weeks. But on nap today I sorted through baby clothes. 

I ended up saving about 6-10 outfits per size in Addition to all the clothes I’ve made or embroidered on. I also have a big ole garbage bag to give to Goodwill, and another bag and a half of things I’m going to post on a local Facebook mama swap kinda thing and see if I can get some $. 

It ended up taking about 3 hours, so Joe had to entertain Calvin outside or in his room bc I had taken over the living room. All in all. We had a pretty successful day.

Joe is going to go work tomorrow. His rash looks pretty bad, but the bumps he had yesterday don’t hurt, but the new ones today hurt alot. So hopefully he’ll be on the down hill slope here soon.

We still have peanut.

There are two “relatives” interested in Peanut. Paternal grandparents just had the home eval yesterday and we’re denied. There is another couple who are interested, and they’re the reason for the quotations. Without getting into too many specifics, I’m just not sure that a judge would place peanut there. We have court Wednesday, and I think in going to go, gotta figure out childcare.
Also Calvin, and Joe have hand foot and mouth. Calvin us mostly better(his started a week ago) Joe is right in the thick of things G’s, his started three days ago. Woof. 

Where the f is af?!

Cd39. Four negative pregnancy tests( well to curve handled frer with likely evaps over a week ago. Two bfn 88 cent Walmarts since.) My longest cycle since I started tracking in Feb 2011 has been 37 days. Even my first cycle after our miscarriage. I don’t feel like it’s coming on either. I’ve been wearing my sexiest skimpiest panties and light colors dresses/bottoms for days. Just temping it. And nothing. Great. Bring on the bleeding already!