We still have peanut.

There are two “relatives” interested in Peanut. Paternal grandparents just had the home eval yesterday and we’re denied. There is another couple who are interested, and they’re the reason for the quotations. Without getting into too many specifics, I’m just not sure that a judge would place peanut there. We have court Wednesday, and I think in going to go, gotta figure out childcare.
Also Calvin, and Joe have hand foot and mouth. Calvin us mostly better(his started a week ago) Joe is right in the thick of things G’s, his started three days ago. Woof. 

2 thoughts on “We still have peanut.

  1. Do you guys still have Peanut? You haven’t mentioned anything about it in awhile and we’re starting to look into Fostering, I wanted to maybe pick your brain about your experience so far.

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