Our Story

04/29/2010- Joseph and I married.

08/2010- Joseph finished his undergrad and started grad school

05/2011- I finished undergrad and started grad school.

05/2012- We both finished grad school.

06/2012- Decided to start trying.

01/2013- Annual exam, where doctor told me I should be pregnant by June, if not come back.

03/2013- BFP 12dpo on Good friday, period started two days later(on time) on Easter.

05/2013- Started going in for testing. Everything normal, progesterone was a bit low (7.9)

06/2013- HSG, both tubes(now) open and spilling.

07/2013- first round of Clomid.

08/08/2013- BFP 12dpo.

08/19/2013- Started bleeding, go in for an ultrasound, the see gestational sac, but too early to see heartbeat.

08/21/2013- Bleeding worsened, miscarriage confirmed.

09/26/2013- Second Round of clomid 50 mg cd5-9…BFN

10/22/2013- First RE appointment

10/28/2013- First monitored cycle of clomid 100mg cd3-7, Follicle scan on cd12 Right ovary: 18mm, 9 mm. Left Ovary 16mm. Triggered. BFN.

11/27/2013- Second monitored cycle of clomid 150mg  cd4-6, 100mg cd7-8. Follicle Scan cd12 sizes 18mm, 16mm, 15mm, 15mm, 14mm, and 13mm. cd14 follicle scan showed size 26mm, 18.5mm, 18.5mm, 15mm, 14mm, 14mm.Triggered. (Only 26, and both 18’s ovulated) BFN.

12/31/2013- Baseline ultrasound, RE switched us to Femara cd4-8 7.5mg. Follicle scan cd11 showed two follicles 19.5, and 18. Lining was 8.1mm and SAW CERVICAL MUCUS. Told to do an injection of 200 units HCG at 6pm for the next two day(to prevent the 18 from falling off) then trigger cd13 with 5000 units of HCG. (I think I MAY have ovulated prior to trigger on cd13 bc I had ewcm and mittelschmerz, but triggered anyways per RE.) BFN.

01/26/2014- Baseline Ultrasound, RE upped Femara to 10mg in hopes of bringing up a third follicle planning on doing IUI. Follicle scan 2/5. Lining was 7.5mm only ONE follicle at 19mm. IUI canceled. Timed intercourse. Triggered cd12 6am with 5000 units of HCG. BFN

02/26/2014- Natural Cycle. Was taking metformin along with prenatals and baby aspirin. Ovulated on my own on cd16. BFN

03/29/2014- Clomid cd4-8 (150, 150, 150, 100, 100) planning on doing IUI. Follicle scan 04/11 two follicles at 23.5 & 25, lining on 7.3mm. Triggered with 5000 units of HCG. IUI’d 36 hours later, count 83 million with “lots of fast swimmers.” BFP 9dpiui. Beta #1(11dpiui) 53, Beta #2 (13dpiui) 109.

May 2014, first sub chorionic hemorrhage.

June 2014, second sub chorionic hemorrhage.

end of June 2015, begin extensive bleeding.

August 2014, undergo cervical revision to address cervical varicosities.

December 30, 2014 1:04pm Sweet Calvin was born via scheduled section weighing 7lbs6oz.

November 10, 2015 stopped nursing

November 12, 2015 first cycle post partum, and we’re trying for number 2!

1/20/2016- welcome foster baby sweet pea into our home, for who knows how long.

1/26/2016-started first medicated cycle on the road to #2. Clomid cd6-10 alternating 100mg and 150mg, with high folic acid, metformin(850mg daily), and prenatals. Estrogen to follow, 2 follicles on left (21.5 & 23) lining was 6.8mm triggering(with 5000 units HCG) 11:30pm 2/2, IUI 11:30am 2/4. Will be testing out trigger

2/23/2016 5.5 cm cyst. Canceled cycle.

march 2016, 150mg clomid. Cd13 follicle scan,lots of follicles(19,17.5,16,15, the 19, and 17.5 should go, and hoping one if the others go as well) 5.3 lining, doubled estrogen patches, and was given estradiol tablets, take two orally cd13am, 2vaginally cd13pm, 1 vaginally cd14am trigger cd14 5000units hcg

3 thoughts on “Our Story

  1. Thank you for coming by my blog. So sorry you are having to go through all of this. It’s so so hard. I pray for all the girls struggling on here, and I will pray for you, too! Hugs, my friend!

  2. I completely understand!! Keep trying, I am always praying for those I know of who seek families, so now you’re on the list.

    Dear Lord,

    Please intercede into the lives of Victoria and Joseph and give them the family they so desire. We know you are a God of healing and miracles and that you love this couple more than any of us can imagine. Your timing is perfect and our pain isn’t permanent, if your will would allow, please hasten a healthy pregnancy for Victoria and Joseph. You’re always good. In Jesus name, Amen!

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