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It’s raining baby, showers

By May 2012, the baby dust had settled. I ended up with 6 friends all sorts of pregnant, due within 2 months of each other. Late August, to Late October. So I naturally stepped up and three 3 baby showers/sprinkles. I helped put together a baby brunch for a MT who was expecting their second. I hosted a triple mother daughter shower for A, H, and M.  Attended a shower for NS. And I hosted a baby shower for my AR who was expecting twins!

My mom has always said, I am an extremist, what she means is I am up or down, I am for you or against you. And what I have learned over my lifetime, is it takes as much, if not more energy to hold a grudge against someone, as it does to let it go, and be happy for someone. So I jumped in, I made homemade handcrafted gifts, I did decorations, I prepared cute, themed food. I threw kick ass showers, and a mega fine brunch.