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Cervical Varicosities

So, I have decided to make a whole new page on my blog about my cervical varicose episode. When they first mentioned to me this may be a cervical varicose, I googled. I know I shouldn’t have googled. I found a couple of places where women had asked different forums, but nobody replied with anything helpful, and those ladies didn’t follow up. So naturally, I assumed the worst, that they bled out when one accidentally ruptured. I found one medical journal article that I clung to as the source of all my information. But because of this, I wanted to write as much about my experience with it as necessary. So the hope is that one day, some scared pregnant woman will google cervical varicose vein, and find my blog, with all the information and experiences I had with it.

Following up.

Thank you all for the support and responses to my previous post. I fully believe we have to advocate for our best care, and adding in the care of my baby boy, and it has upped my belief that much more. Today I called my OB’s office and left a message saying that I would like to speak to my ob about this. I feel like everyone’s goal at my ob’s is to keep me from speaking to an actual doctor.

In addition I called Dr. Archer, my RE, and asked the secretary if this had ever been noted in my file, and she looked and said it hadn’t, but also said she had never heard of one, and asked how it was diagnosed. I told her they did a visual exam and noted something looked off, but when they did the u/s the techs concluded based on blood flow that it was likely a varicose vein. She said to fax over the u/s report and she’d have Dr. Archer take a look.

Additionally, I called my friend who is a pediatric NP. Clearly, not an ob np. But I wanted someone who could read medical jargon better than me to look at that article and tell me I wasn’t make a mountain out of a molehill. She also dealt with infertility, and she read it and called me on her way home from work. She said “If I was in your position, I would demand to see a high risk ob.” She also told me I don’t need a referral, just call one up and ask for an appt.

Today I felt like a cheater. Contact my RE while technically under my ob’s care. All those feelings were negated when my ob called me at 3:03pm and didn’t leave a message. My phone was upside down on silent in front of me. I returned the call to the office(just a general outgoing line shows up) waited on hold for 15 minutes to speak to my care teams coordinator who checked the logs and concluded that it was Dr.T who called me, and she thought she probably left for the week, but she’d leave a message that I returned her call. WHO DOESN’T LEAVE A MESSAGE FOR A WORRIED PREGNANT MOM? my OB, that’s who…

“Not an issue”

Throughout our panic and bleeding day, the u/s techs(like five of them, trying to write up our report) came to the maybe conclusion that I have a varicose vein on my cervix. The NP who we were seeing said it shouldn’t be an issue throughout the rest of the pregnancy.

I waited a whole 12 hours before googling. And the limited information I could find, implies that it is fact an issue. I found an article, that is legit(IE not yahoo answers) here

I would greatly appreciate it if others would read and and make sure they’re reading what I’m reading. First of all, I googled and a varix is a varicose vein, at least according to wikipediate. Varix is singular, varicies is plural.

So here’s what I think I’m understanding:

  • It isn’t common (only 6 cases reported in literature.)
  • Increase chance of vaginal bleeding throughout pregnancy, sometimes severe with the need for transfusions.
  • The chance or preterm labor is higher
  • Risk of severe maternal morbidity.

The NP admitted she had never seen one before, and went to ask my dr who had already left. So I’m beginning to think that her whole statement of “not an issue” was ignorance. She hadn’t seen one, hadn’t dealt with one, and normal varicose veins don’t really cause much of a medical issue, so she just leapt to the conclusion that this one wouldn’t pose any issues. But from my reading(and if there are only 6 cases reported in literature, there are even fewer(with follow-ups) posted on baby making forums. So please, someone, anyone, please take about 5 minutes, read through the article, and leave a comment. I’m not freaking out in the sense that I feel my impending doom. I just want to make sure I’m reading this correctly, so if my ob agrees it is “not an issue” I can ask for a 2nd and 3rd opinion. Maybe see a high risk ob.

Baby boy knows his mommy is overbearing

It’s hard not to be, for any mom. We worry about these babies before we know they’re even babies. We do everything within our power to make sure we’ve down everything we can to keep these babies healthy.

Anywho, I’ve been home from the ob for about two hours, laying on the couch, and watching Grey’s Anatomy, and baby boy Michels is moving. Like he’s saying “relax mom! Gosh!” It feels like a zing, or a itty bitty rumble. It’s lower than I thought. But he’ll do it in response to me pushing on him.

All today Joseph just kept saying “I just want to meet him.” and I couldn’t agree more. I just want to meet him. And love on him. And to show him how much he is loved.

Thank you all for the prayers and support today. It’s such a wonderful thing that a quick post like that, I had so many people praying for us and our baby. And we felt the prayers the whole day. Even when we were scared out of our minds, we both were able to step back and realize how thankful we are. We are thankful for the 17 weeks and 4 days we have had with this baby boy so far, and we are hopeful for many more. But so thankful for this precious life. Who’s growing and moving, and probably already annoyed at his mommy for being so worried.

Update 2

We waited in the u/s waiting room for about fifteen minutes until we were called back. She first did a abdominal u/s, we got to see baby boy, and hear his heart beat. She checked the placenta(which is on the back wall of my uterus.) and then told me to undress from the waist down so she could do an internal u/s. She did the internal u/s and didn’t say anything. Finished up and said “Go ahead and get dressed, then go back out to waiting room, the doctor is going to want to talk to you again.” Our hearts sunk. Our dr at told us that she wouldn’t want to see us again if everything was ok. So she’s in this room typing up the report and has to have two other u/s techs come in for opinions. We were panicking. We eventually were called into a room where we waited for the dr. She came in and said the u/s tech thinks I may have a varicose vein on my cervix. She had never seen one before, but they happen all over the place in pregnancy. So we’ll just monitor that, and it should return to normal post partum. That could be a reason for the bleeding. But more likely its my new sub-chorionic hemorrhage. I had one at 7 weeks, and we went to the ER for it. I have one again. She check my u/s from 6 days ago and I didn’t have one then, so it’s a new development. I am on pelvic rest, and limited physical activity (no heavy lifting, or strenuous activity) until my next appt which is 8/18. So that’s that. Apparently, I’m not very good at getting pregnant, and my body isn’t good at being pregnant. Thankful my cervix isn’t shortened or dialting. Thankful baby boy has a great heart beat. Thankful for so much right now. Just hoping this hemorrhage gets smaller and goes away soon.

Subchorionic hemmorhage

Today I bled. Bright reddish-pinkish blood. Yesterday and today I had cramping. This afternoon we went to the ER. This evening we finally got back for our ultrasound. Our baby has a heart beat of 126. And I have a small subchorionic hemmorhage.

i am to take it easy for three days and followup with our RE.

thankful baby is growing strong. Praying baby stays growing strong.
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