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Nursery Wall Décor.

So my sweet friend K who is a super skilled graphic designer has made me some “You are my sunshine” wall art. Which I am absolutely going to use in our kiddo room. But I started thinking about maybe making some “Skidda ma rink a dink a dink” incase we need to use both of our rooms (like the kiddos keep eachother up or super hopeful that we are pregnant and will actually need three cribs.)

So here is what I made today.


I think I really like them. And I really like that it kept me distracted all day. Tomorrow will be 11dpo, and I have yet to take a single test!

Billowing it.

Well, I am blowing it. I have or blog I did Saturday, but haven’t edited or anything.

I am 5 dpo, tonight is my last night of pineapple core, I’m eight days away from testing.

But yesterday, I cleaned out our kiddo room. We decided we are lowering outrage range to two and under, so we will need two cribs. I’ve already got them picked out, and hopefully we’ll buy them soon. I’m getting so excited about putting together this nursery.

I also have en nannying for my friends kiddos. I never heard back from the principal, so the decision was made for me.

*And excellent example of the magnitude of my blowing it is the typo in the title.

Almost a year

It has been almost a year that we have lived in our lovely little house. That, and my friend on wordpress has been talking about the buying a house process, so I thought I’d share our story. In December 2011 I was browsing the MLS and found a foreclosure in a neighborhood we liked. It needed some updating, but the asking price was $99,000. I convinced Joe to go look at it, and I loved it and wanted to put an offer on it. I don’t think we were preapproved yet, so I started that process the next day.

The preapproval process was a dififcult one. We had money saved for a down payment, but the issue was is Joseph didn’t have any credit. Not bad credit, like boy had never had a loan in his life, so he didn’t show up. The other issue was I had only been at my job for 4 months. I had good credit, but I wasn’t the most “stable.” We ended up using a mortgage company who worked with us and got preapproved for an FHA/conventional depending on our price point.

We put an offer on that first house, then a second, then a third, then a fourth, then a fifth, then a sixth, then a seventh, then an eighth which got accepted in February 2012. Our lease was up at the end of March, so that gave us eight weeks to close on this house. I called weekly to check in with our realtor and our mortgage company to make sure everything was on track.

Two weeks before our closing date, I called our mortgage company to verify, and they told me actually they needed to do a field review of the house, because there were some red flag on the appraisal. It ended up there was a major foundation issue in the garage that they the mortgage company wouldn’t lend to us until it was fixed. Oh I forgot to mention, this was a bank owned house. The bank who owned the house said that they would fix it, if we would absorb the cost in our mortgage. So we had an structural engineer stop and look at it, and he said it was looking like it’d be $15,000. So we walked away. We went in full asking price on the home because we believed it was worth that, not that + 15000.

Ended up being a great thing that we bailed because the house ended up selling for $35000 less than our original(without the cost of the fix) offer. After that, we took some time off and paid off our loan, and saved up even more of our a downpayment.

December 2012 we decided to pick back up, we got a new realtor, not that anything was wrong with the last one, I think we just associated failing and not getting our offers accepted with him. And Joseph didn’t like him. So we switched realtors, and the first house we saw is the one we ended up buying. We looked an maybe 4 this time.

But when we came to this house, our realtor let us walk around(and fall inlove with) it on our own, then asked us to rate it on a scale from 1-10, individually. Without knowing what the other person voted, we both gave it a 9. The only reason it wasn’t a 10 is because it was listed for 12000 above our price point. So we walked away. About two weeks later, we went back to look at the same house, and couldn’t walk away, so we began negotiations. The sellers ended up coming down $13,000. So we accepted the offer, and 6 weeks later we moved it.

So, the point of this? When it is meant to happen, it will happen. In addition to you will be where you are supposed to be. Our first time looking, we were looking in Louisville. But our second time looking, we were looking one county over from Louisville. We are twelve minutes from everything we go to regularly, which is so much closer than our apartment. But when we tell people where we live, they often think we’re in the country.

And some pictures! Maybe after I get over my sickness, I clean and take picture of every room.WP_000188This is the day of the final walk through, so the sellers are moving out.WP_000191

Here is my purple bedroom! I convince Joseph to let me do a purple bedroom finding this study that says people with purple bedrooms have the most sex. We didn’t realize how we were infertile.

Santa’s workshop.

So every year I hand make several gifts. This year, in an attempt to stay super busy through the two week wait, I handmade gifts for everyone. That’s nine handmade gifts. Not including Joseph. So here is my photo dump from Christmas 2013.

Starting off we have my older brother’s Pugs not Drugs Tshirt. I forgot to take a finished picture, but I did freezer paper stenciling for the words and the pug. I ended up outlining the words in black as well.WP_000885

I made my younger brother cornhole boards and cornhole bags.(That’s my sister on the left there, and the sweetest foul tempered cat on the right, and for the record I am not a University of Louisville fan, but they weren’t for me.)V__A341

I purchased all my sister’s/SIl a cowl neck fleece and embroidered their monogram on the back. (Ignore the tippie-toes and mismatching bootsWinking smile)


I did some other small things but the BIG THING that has been taking me away from all forms of communication was Joseph’s gift. He is a computer engineer and does quite a bit of indie development on the side. So I decided I wanted to get him a nice big boy desk. His old one was laminate kid furniture. So I started pricing desks, UGH! We had set a STRICT Christmas budget this year (because we’re attempting to fund infertility treatments Shifty) and couldn’t afford to buy a desk. So I asked my dad if he’d help me build one. We used Ana-White’s Narrow Farm House Table. But when we began, I decided, since I was able to enlist the help of my awesome father, I wanted to go ahead and make two desks. The exact same, one for Joseph, his two monitors, laptop, and our printer. And one for me and all my sewing machines. So we got to work. Thankfully my dad had to take off the ENTIRE week before Christmas because his vacation days were going to expire. So we worked everyday. Joseph would get up and go to work, and the second the garage door close, I popped out of bed, got dressed, and headed over. Several day Joseph was home before me. In the beginning I kept it super secret. Not even letting him know I was working on something. He just assumed I was being SUPER lazy and not doing anything(cleaning) all day. But towards the end, when I wasn’t able to make it home before him, he caught on that I was working really hard. So….here they are!WP_20131225_007WP_20131225_006

You can see his old desk in this picture.WP_20131225_005Here is an upclose picture of the stain. It is Min-wax’s Classic Grey.WP_000912

Christmas Gifts

Joseph’s gave me my trigger shot this morning at 6:30. It hurt a very slight amount, but is sore still now. But He’d did an amazing job!

Both the districts I work for had a snow day today. So I decided to get my Christmas gifts done. For my sisters and in-laws I bought a cute fleece from target (black Friday it was $10!)

 C9 by Champion® Women's Microfleece Cowl Neck Tunic - Assorted Colors

But any ways, I embroidered their monogram on the back like this

So I made five of these today. And made 7 embroidered key fobs.

And I’ve got chicken veggie soup cooking. Over all super productive day.

Check out my To do before December 22nd list. WP_000883

And here’s our tree with gifts underneath.WP_000882

You may be thinking there are a lot of bags. That’s because the first year we were married I spent all this time wrapping Joe’s gifts and presented them to him all proudly. And all mine were in the shopping bags. Not like a cute Victoria’s Secret bag, but a lame Wal-Mart plastic bag. So I went out after Christmas and bought a bunch of bags on sale, I have supplemented our stash with Target dollar bags as well, but this way I actually get to open something. Its very selfish.

I plan on knitting a lot these upcoming weeks, and hopefully will be able to finish some stockings(and distract myself through the TWW.) But I just need to buy one more gift and make one more gift. So I feel pretty good.

Welcome to Holland.

It an attempt to come to terms with our nonbaby. I am beginning to plan for our children we get through fostercare. I know it is many months away, but I’m hoping it’ll give me some hope and encouragement over the next few months to begin preparing for them.

Car seat ideas

The Diono RadianRXT convertible carseat. These things are about $260, but will fit rear facing from 5-45lbs, then front facing with 5 point harness 20-80lbs, and booster up to 120lbs. They are also narrow. 17 inches wide. Both Joseph and I have smaller cars (mine is 51 inches across on the inside.) so I figure, if we had to, we could probably do the three across. I like these because we have no idea what age of child we will get, so by getting a convertible carseat, we are prepared for a 3 year old, but also an infant. We’ll honestly probably get 2 of these to start, then if we end up needing a third, we’ll figure it out.


I’m fairly certain there is an age requirement on bunk beds but I love this bunk bed

I like the storage of the drawers, and I love the stairs. they just feel a bit sturdier than a ladder. I’ve seen some like this around town, I’m not sure of the price, so who knows if it’s a possibility, but I’m just dreaming now.

Then I love Jenny lind(who doesn’t right?) My parents actually have a twin jenny lind frame in their attic I’ve already dibsed(yep, I think that’s a word.) very similar to this one I imagine.

So we’ll use that one.

Then for a crib, I’d love a jenny lind. But I also like this crib.

I’m not into the headboard looking cribs, I think I like plainer cribbier looking ones. Who knows?

Kid room. (please, no judgement.)

When we moved into the house, we knew which room we wanted to me our nursery, for the baby we knew would be here so soon. So we painted our back bedroom a nice light grey, to be paired with coral if our baby was a girl, and some sort of blue if a boy. But we didn’t move anything into it, besides boxes. And it has no become our junk room. I would like to clean it up, and put some white bead board 2/3 of the way up the walls, and we’ll probably do an accent of green something in there since we don’t have a preference of gender. So here’s a pic now. Now judgement please. WP_000868

Other than that, I scored an awesome sweater that use to be my grandmothers today.WP_000870

Its called a Cowichan. Here’s the tag.WP_000872

So pretty great day!

Anyone out there have opinions on the Diono radians?

So I’m a crazy.

I had two baby showers this weekend. I loved seeing my friends today at the baby shower, but they started talking about how crazy it is that meth addicts have babies, or one lady works at a hospital and she said after giving birth she went out to smoke pot in the parking lot. And all I could think was those ladies get babies and I don’t Sad smile. actually, that frowny face isn’t quite large enough. But whatever. So. this morning I posted a picture of my peesticks. Then I actually played around with them in gimp. and…<DON’T JUDGE ME!!!> normally I’m not one for intense tweaking. Just inverting and such, but I played with the “thresholds” tool, which it starts off completely white and as you slide it over it start putting in black the darkest colors. so I slid it over, all the control lines showed up first, then the top test line, then third test line, then second, and fourth, then fifth, then…seventh, then sixth! WHAT WHAT?!?! I know it doesn’t mean anything yet, but maybe tomorrows will be darker? Here is the untweaked pic again.triggershot8dpo

And tweaked:triggershot8dpotweakedSee how the test inbetween hasn’t even showed up? Maybe maybe?

\Testing out the trigger

So yesterday was crazy, as I was at a baby shower from 2-8:30. So I wasn’t able to post a picture. But todays picture has Saturdays (6dpo) and today’s (7dpo)WP_20131117_003

So yesterday and todays are BARELY there. But is todays lighter or the same? Maybe even darker?! I starting to get my hopes up. Both were taken with first morning urine. AND…I think I maybe actually 8dpo. Here me out.

36 hours after my trigger was 8am Sunday Morning. So 1 dpo was from 8am Sunday-Monday. 2dpo Monday-Tuesday, 3dpo Tuesday-Wednesday, 4dpo Wednesday-Thursday, 5dpo Thursday-Friday, 6dpo-Friday to Saturday, 7dpo Saturday-Sunday, and now(and for the peestick which was done at 8:30 am Sunday morning) I’m 8dpo. The only reason I’m figuring all this out, is for implantation purposes. According to, when I plug in my information, I get this.


So if in fact today I am 8dpo, I have already had an 8% chance of implantation. If I haven’t implanted, there is a great chance I will in the next three days. So, if this trigger shot doesn’t go away completely, but instead starts getting darker, I’M GOING TO FLIP! In the best way possible.

I have another baby shower today. So yay for that.