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Any advice? or thoughts?

I’ve done two rounds of clomid ttc #2. The first time my lining was 6.5 with two follicles, on estrogen patches. The second time with 3 follicles(which is my RE’s goal for me) my lining was 5.4 on estrogen patches.

I think we may do another treatment cycles, we’ll at least do the baseline ultrasound. I just dont want to continue doing what we’re doing BC from what ice gathered, that’s too thin of a lining to expect much.

so I know femara is an option. I tried two rounds of femara, the first time I had two follicles, so she upped my dose to bring up a third to 10mg, and I only had one egg. Which I make on my own every month. So I don’t respond well to femara.

I dont know much about injectables besides the fact that they are expensive. I dont have pcos, but I have pcos-like ovaries, meaning I have alot of follicles. Are injectables more difficult if you have lots of follicles?

any advice on other options? Any other meds to take in conjunction with femara to increase the number of follicles? Or clomid to plump lining? I just want to have some questions for my RE.

An update.

I am currently ovulating…allegedly. It’s been 36 hours since we triggered. Also, I did a VLOG about my follicle scan, but realized I never did a written blog.

If you recall, we had decided to go all in this month. My RE upped my Femara to 10mg, hoping to pull up a third follicle. I was also put on metformin. I’ve been eating lower carb, drinking green tea, using cooking oils as lube. And we were going to try IUI if everything looked good.

My follie scan was Wednesday at 10am. My lining was 7.5mm(!) no cervical mucus was seen, BUT I wasn’t taking my expectorant as I should have been. I only have one mature follicle, on my left ovary, it was about a 19. My right ovary had a follicle about 13. I was super disappointed. The point of IUI is to have more eggs, and more sperm. But since we didn’t have more eggs, we decided to not do the IUI and waste the money. So we triggered Thursday morning in the 6 o’clock hour. So I’m probably ovulating, or really freaking close. If today is O day, we bd’d o-1 and o-3. We may go again tonight, we’ll have to wait and see.

In other news, Joseph and I were just discussing that we need to come up with a way to make more money. Because either way we look to expand our family(fertility treatments or adoption) cost a lot. And within three days, I have had two job opportunities.

I was contacted Wednesday I believe by a friend who currently does Foster care wanting to know if I would watch her two boys three days a week. I talked to Joseph and accepted, and am set to start Monday. Today driving home from my friend A’s house, I got a phone call from a sweet friend and there is a math opening at her school. She teaches at a good high school in the county I would like to get a job in. So I’m stuck. I went ahead an emailed the principal, and if he emails me saying he wants to set up an interview, I’ll tell my friend.

Its difficult.

Here’s my pros and cons list.



Going all in.

That’s what we’re going to do. This will be our final hurrah of baby making for at least the next ten months. So with that being said, I’m going to do every* supplement, exercise program, diet, herb, tea, old wives tale, etc that is said to help ones fertility. So throw them at me ladies!

Anything you use, or have ever wanted to use, let me know!


*every, not really, but many. I will already be on Femara, so I will not add any other natural remedies that are thought to induce ovulation, I also won’t be doing anything I’ve read about can make your cycle wonky, so I’m not going completely crazy, but more crazy than ever before.

Pessimistically hopeful.

That is me. Or optimistically doubtful. Either way, most of me is thinking this month is a no, but this tiny inkling of hope is hoping it’s a yes. Only time will tell. And I’m evenly split between wanting time to hurry, dreading when it gets here. I pee’d on an OPK this morning, the second line was faint. I’m guessing my trigger is out of my system.

4 days left til testing.

Urge to pee.

I have an urge to POAS. I’m 6-8dpo.(Have I discussed this?) and I think I’m going to pee on an OPK, and see if that’ll alleviate the need.


6-8dpo. I really feel like I have have ovulated before I triggered. Well, actually the day I triggered. I know I posted my OPKS, I stupidly didn’t take one on Tuesday, just Wednesday(and only one in the evening) and Thursday, which I then triggered Thursday night. But I had ewcm and cramping Thursday day. so…if I ovulated before the trigger, I’m 8dpo, if I didn’t, I’m only 6dpo. Either way, I’m going to go from the trigger, because I won’t be testing too early.


So, I’ve had this happen every cycle since we’ve been monitored, but I really could use some reassurance that my ovaries aren’t exploding.

With that being said, I’m 5dpo today(and feeling miserable, but that’s because I am getting a cold.) and I can feel my ovaries. Not when I’m sitting here, typing this, but if I lay on my bely, I can feel both ovaries. Is this because of the medications? Anybody else have similar experiences?