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nicu nurses are the greatest.

peanut was born 4/10 and spent 12 days in the nicu for a variety of reasons. We brought home a 12 day old who eats 3-4 ounces(fortified to 24 cal) every four hours. When we sent sweet pea home, she was taking 1-2 oz every 2 hours. We feel like we’re in a area last night we bot got 9 hours of sleep(in 3 hour increments.) hot dog that feels incredible.peanut has some oral thrush that’s quite persistent, so we’re going to the ped tomorrow and hopefully getting an rx for it. And checking his weight.

given birth moms history, everyone feels like this could be long term – forever. Calvin is so sweet and much better than he was with sweetpea(the last two months hes matured quite a bit.) I’m cautiously hopeful that peanut and Calvin will grow up together as brothers, and the thought makes me so happy. Obviously with fostering, the goal is reunification, so we know that’s the goal, but at this point, it doesn’t seem likely.


That is what our lives have been the past two days. I am working this week, we started little miss in day care. Kids come back to school Thursday. And in one quick phone call I went from getting 12 hours of sleep which my pregnant self greatly appreciated, to getting 6-7.5.

Joseph is worried about stress levels. I’m starting school Thursday with students, and I don’t have a teacher desk in my room. So I don’t have a teacher desk top computer. I can’t print from any computer. I actually dont even have a computer log on. All teachers are supposed to have an iPad, I haven’t been issued mine yet. On top of having a new little miss. Just kinda crazy. I would say I feel pretty level but I know it could tip one way really quickly.

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I got the call at 11:45am yesterday. I asked my list of questions, then asked for a few minutes to discuss with my husband. We decided to accept her assuming we could find a spot in a daycare. So I spent about forty five minutes calling daycares, and we got her in one. It was really my first choice, but nobody answered so I had to leave a message. So now we are parenting. An 17 month old little girl. It’ll be an adventure.
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This morning at 1:30 am I received a call, I had just fallen asleep(who knew barqs rootbeer had caffeine? Not me!) It was a number I didn’t recognize, and I fumbled my phone and missed the call. Oh well, but then they left a voicemail. Voicemails left at wee morning hours cause me to panic. Compounding the panic, Joseph’s phone began to ring. I told him “You need to answer that, something is wrong.” He answered it, and it was the placing worker for our county. They had two girls (4 and 3 months) who needed an emergency placement. Would we take them. Joseph and I managed to ask most of the questions we’re supposed to ask (medications, allergies, reason for removal, any other sibilings, issues with being exposed to Christianity, etc.) and asked if we could call her back in five minutes with out decision.

We have discussed what we are comfortable, and I knew 4 years old was pushing it for Joseph. Also the 4 year old is in preschool, which poses some coordinating issues for us currently. But the biggest issue is the no heavy lifting or strenuous activity that is my current  activity level. Ultimately we passed, and I know that was the best thing for us.

It was nice to get a call, and hopefully we’ll get many more. And we’ll be placed with the exact children God needs us to love and care for.

That being said, I didn’t fall back asleep until 4:00, and slept terribly until about 8:30.

Home Visit

Something happened to my original post, and it went away. But here is the gist.

We had a home visit today. It took all of 20 minutes. I am super excited to get placements. We found out we’re the only open house in our school district, so if any child is removed from the school district we’ll be called first.

As far as how fostering is going to change when baby gets here, we probably won’t accept any new placements from December until about March. So if we get a new placement late November, we’ll have about a month to get acclimated to eachother before baby make it’s appearance. Then we’ll get acclimated to baby and kiddos together, and reopen in March. This is just what I’m thinking. I don’t want to have a brand new placement, and a brand new baby all within a super short period, too much change for everyone involved.

Bring on some kiddos!

I’m here.

I’m still here and still pregnant. I am still reading all of your blogs regularly. I am just in a weird place right now I guess. But oh well, I just need to get over it. I am 10w3d pregnant, which may seem confusing if any of you have been following my dates closely. We did the IUI on April 13th, which was 15dpo, so even though we vary likely know when conception took place, my OB still goes by the lmp date, so my weeks now change over on Saturday, and my due date is January 3rd.

I’m feeling unhungry most of the day, and with that unhungriness comes queasiness. It is tolerable, and will totally be worth it.

I took the job at school number 1 I discussed in job offer quandry. So that is something I’m looking forward to.

We have lots planned this summer so Joseph and I can live it up before growing our family. We’re going canoeing, on my birthday/day after we’re going to Holiday world(where you get in discounted if you have a note from your dr saying your pregnant.) We’re going to hang out with my younger sister for a weekend around a lake. We’re going to Joseph’s brothers lake house for a long weekend. We are just trying to have as much fun as possible.

Foster care. Just an update, we are still all in for fostering two kiddos. Our room is set up, and we’re ready, we are just on their timeline. So while it could happen any day, we are still waiting for our workers supervisor to read our homestudy, and ask for revisions. Then our worker will make those revisions, and submit it to her supervisors supervisor, who will then read it and approve it on their own time line. The reason it could happen any day, is if there is a need in our county, that nobody else can take, they can speed up the approval process to get us open and ready before going to another county.

I think I’m in a weird place because I have so much time, and I just want to be making things for our baby. Yesterday I knitted  a pair of booties for the baby. But I’m still so early, and we don’t know the gender, it’s hard to make things.

Today I did spend about three hours reading about cloth diapering. Joseph thinks it is gross, but agreed to consider it. The only reason I like the idea is that I sew. I’m a pretty good sewer. I can sew us all the diapers we would need for at least under $100, probably more like under $50, if I could just buy everything at once. The estimate is that your starter stash(meaning enough to get you started, not all of them that you will ever need) is somewhere between $250-300. So all the financial reasons that cloth diapers are good for people buying premade cloth diapers are increased for us, if we were to make our own. Who knows, ultimately, as bas as it sounds, I’m doing it for cost savings. The green factor is just an added bonus.

So here is a jumbled update of everything.


No matter what happens with fertility treatments(or awesome unmedicated surprise pregnancy) or foster care, Joseph and I feel called to adopt. We are not certain if that adoption will be a private domestic infant, or an international adoption. Another thing we are certain of is the cost. We’re talking $30-$40k. So we will need to come up with some major fundraising. I have spoke to quite a few agency’s and adoption financial advisors, and it seems as though there are a crap ton of grants or “scholarships” if you will that just take time to apply. This will hopefully provide a great source of our financing. Joseph’s work has an adoption reimbursement as well, so that is a wonderufl option. There is also the adoption tax credit(which is nonrefundable, so I’m kinda hesitant to count this as a true way to help us get a kiddo to our family. but w/e.) But with all of this, we will need to do some major fundraising.

Fundraising to me is a difficult pride thing. I have seen snarky people online comment on how its expensive to bring any child into the world, and they don’t ask people to help pay for their kid. Blah blah blah. I clearly don’t hold with those beliefs. Boo snarks!

But after I set my pride aside, I can honestly say I’m excited. I’m excited to see what fun and creative ways to fundraise I can come up with. I have tons of ideas, and I think it’ll be great.

Respite approved…waiting on paperwork.

We had our final homestudy yesterday. It was long but went well. We are officially approved to do respite, and hopefully will be open sooner rather than later. Our worker said she has one study to write ahead of ours, but as soon as she write our draft we should be prepared for placements. After she has written our home study draft it has to be approved by her boss, the her boss’s boss. While that process can take awhile, if there is a situation where they need our home open BC of a specific placement, they can rush the process.


In our homestudy our worker asked us about our loss. I cried, and honestly, if she had asked me at the last one, I probably wouldn’t have cried. Its just so close to our due date, and AF is due any day now, so its an emotional time of the cycle. She asked if I felt we would can deal with more losses, BC that’s the one thing foster care promises, that we will lose placements and our hearts will break. i told her, it’ll hurt, and I’ll cry, probably everytime. But we know God is going to use us in these children’s lives exactly the way and length of time they need. And that’s what we are here for. She also said, if we can stick to our faith and fully trust in His plans, she is confident that we can get some adoptions out of this process. She said she doesn’t know how many placements we’ll have to take, but if we hang in there, it’ll happen.

also, those twins have been placed, so we are just waiting for some kiddos to be ours, for however long God intends.