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Clomid out…letrazole in.

I went to my baseline ultrasound yesterday, and there were no cysts for me! Woo. That doesn’t meant I don’t have lots of follicles, I have lots of those, but no cysts, so we will be medicating this cycle. She was a bit concerned with what to do because last cycle on clomid (150, 100, 150, 100, 150) I produced 6 follicles, then 2 days later all but one had stalled. so cd 11, I had follicles measuring 18, 16, 15, 15, 14, and 13. Then two days like on cd13, the 18 was now a 26, the 16 was an 18, a 15 was an 18, and the rest were about the same. So even though I had three ovulatable eggs(ovulatable, yep that’s a word) the was definitely the dominant one.

So her concern was that she would have never guessed I would have gone from two eggs on 100 mg, to having 6 on cd11, to having 1-3 on cd 13. So she wasn’t sure what to do. Up the clomid because we’d like the eggs closer in size? keep it the same because we don’t want to risk having 6 ovulatable?

Also my lining on cd11 was a 5.8, on cd13 it was a 6.7. The odd of a successful pregnancy decrease if your uterine lining is below a 7. And each egg you produce(mind you I had 6 total, 3 mature) is supposed to help fluff up your lining, and I was on an estrogen patch which was supposed to help as well. But my lining was still taking a hit.

So with that being said she switched us to letrazole(femara.) Letrazole is actually a breast cancer drug so its used off prescription for infertility. Sometimes insurance won’t cover letrazole, but thankfully ours does. I am taking 7 mg cd4-8. I will start the estrogen patch on cd9, go in for my follicle scan cd11, likely triggering cd11-cd13, with progesterone suppositories (200mg) 3dpo til 14dpo.

Joseph and I had always said we’d finish out clomid, meaning we’d do 6 medicated cycles. Since we weren’t able to continue on with clomid, we are planning to do two medicated cycles on letrazole, and take a from March 2014-January 2015 still. Just a different drug.

Stages of grief and how it pertains to infertility.

Everyone knows of the 5 stages of grief.

1. Denial.

2. Anger.

3. Bargaining.

4. Depression.

5. Acceptance.

I feel like I go through these emotions on a daily basis. But overall I would say I just transitioned into the anger phase. I’ve been so hopeful it would happen for us, ya know denial. But now I am just angry.

I am angry that we aren’t holding a 9 month old in our hands(ya know, because that is what we planned for.) I am angry that we didn’t find out the gender of our baby this past Tuesday, because that is when we would have had we not lost him. I’m angry that we don’t have great infertility coverage. I am angry that we need infertility coverage in the first place. I am angry that people get pregnant like its not big deal. I am angry that people, who know we are struggling with infertility, haven’t done any basic googling about how to interact with infertiles. I am angry that nobody in our families can understand. I am angry that in 5 weeks I’m going to be a aunt for the first time on my side of the family. I am angry that my life plan isn’t going to happen. I am angry because adoption cost so much. I am angry that foster care has so many variables. I am angry that my RE wouldn’t see me yesterday. I am angry when people tell me “it’ll happen” or “you’re next.” I am angry that all of this makes me angry.

Way to go Kentucky, way to go.

I stumbled upon a blog of a fellow infertile from Kentucky. Upon reading her blog, I cam upon a post where she discussed how Kentucky was the 48th fertility friendliest state. That was months ago, and like all the greatest states do, we have moved down to spots to 50th fertility friendliest state. So that’s been lifting my spirits since finding out at our family thanksgiving party that I’m going to have another niece of nephew.