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Um…What the crap! I hate triggers

I had plan to POAS today. Until I woke up at 3:00am with my bladder full. I tried to just fall back asleep, but at 3:40 I lost my battle with the bladder and peed. I woke up at 6:50(Joseph turned off his alarm and over slept.) Peed in my cup, and POAS. I am 9dpiui, 11(.5) days past triggerWP_20140422_004

and tweaked.


So, now I can only wait, hold my breath, and PRAY this is actually a baby, and not the residual trigger. Why do I do this? Oh, and my trigger was only 5000.

Taking off the bra.

If I’m at home, I’m not wearing a bra. I don’t like them. I will probably regret this one day when my boobs are saggy, but I find them uncomfortable. Today, when I got home from work, I took off my bra…and my boobs hurt. Not super bad, but enough to where I can tell. Usually in my tww, I have very little symptoms. The boobs, they never get sore. In addition to that, I am a bit crampy. And in addition to that, I have six frer waiting for me to grace them with my urine. I peed on an opk today just for the fun of it.(it was fun.)

Raise your hand if you want to poas.

Both mine are in the air. 7dpo. I had some INTENSE pain today after our Easter brunch, and feeling a little crampy. And I want to pee on so many sticks. I don’t have any. I’m going to buy two three packs of FRER tomorrow after work. I’ll pee on Tuesday morning 9dpo. I know that’s early, but I just feel like this has been our best chance yet, so I’m cautiously hopeful.

Clomid crazy

I’ve been dealing pretty well this month with clomid. Until tonight. Survivor season two episode thirteen. They voted off Kentucky Joe. And I sobbed. I mean ugly crying sobbed.

other news, my uterus feels crampy. I’m only 3dpo, bur something resonated with me at our iui Sunday. My re said “the uterus is a potential space.” so anything, even one wee little egg(or maybe two) could hopefully possibly register something.

fourth one down.

I remember how excited I was. I had just had my annual pap in February 2011 and discussed with my ob that I hated the pill and wanted off of it. We weren’t trying yet, but we were in a situation where if it happened we could deal with it. She said that was great and that if I wasn’t going to be on the pill, I needed to be taking a prenatal vitamin.

Thus began our fifteen months of not trying but not preventing. Through that time I occasionally popped a prenatal vitamin(like when I thought we actually might be pregnant) but it was never a daily thing. June 2012 rolls around and we’ve both finished grad school, we’re kicking butt at being married, so we start trying. I have about a quarter of my original bottle of prenatals left, but I pitch them and go buy a new bottle, because I don’t want to have to buy a new one in the middle of a pregnancy.

Last night I just finished my fourth bottle of prenatal vitamins. Hoping so hard that the next bottle is my last.