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Month 21.

I was hopeful this month. Despite only having one egg. I was put on metformin, which I hoped beyond all hope would do the trick. I feel pregnant, as in I can feel my uterus. Alas, my womb is babyless.

So what am I doing now? I’ve lost all motivation to work on our kiddo room. So instead I am researching computer engineering jobs in other countries(that speak English) and hoping Joseph will say we should up and move. This is about 70% joking, but 30% serious. I’m not sure why, I just know right here, where we are is painful for me everyday. So I’d like to escape.

In shorter, less drastic, terms of escape, I think we have decided to go on a nice allinclusive vacation this summer. Its been 20 months since we’ve been on a vacation, and we’ve been on this stupid infertility ride for 21 months. So its looking like the first couple of week in July we’re going. We haven’t booked, we’re pricing it out, but we need this.