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Cervical Varicosities bill (update)


I had posted when the bill was in progress. Yesterday I received a a piece of mail from our insurance saying that Dr.M had thought enough ahead to get the cervical revision preapproved, but in reviewing the bill, if my insurance deemed anything medically unnecessary, it would not be covered. They had sent a similar notice last week, I don’t remember it saying the whole “things might not be covered” so I started panicking thinking this was our insurances way of telling us we’re reviewing it, there are some things we’re not going to cover, here’s your heads up. Clearly I was wrong. You can clearly see, our insurance adjustment took care of about $18600 of this, which brings up a whole other discussion, but either way, right now we’re thankful.

Bill has been posted


You can see that insurance hasn’t decided what they’ll pay yet. But another bill for $3000 ish they paid $640, we paid $160. But seeing that number…whew. We’re not certain if that is EVERYTHING, I kind of highly doubt that it is everything. Like that is just the hospital, I’m fully expect to get a bill from our anesthesiologist, and both Dr.W and Dr.M. Just to put it into perspective, Dr.W did our fetal heart echo, and it was the $3000 bill mentioned, so having him preform cervical surgery, I expect to be much more. What we have taken away from this, is we will likely meet our out of pocket annual MAX once this is all said and done. So hopefully Calvin, and anything else that happens will be FREE.

I have a follow-up appt with Dr.W September 11th at 9:15, and then a follow-up with my regular ob Dr.T September 12th 11:50.

Things that happened today.

Today is 21 days from my miscarriage. And the second time I was instructed to take a home pregnancy test and call if it was positive. I took one this morning. It was positive enough that if I was trying to get pregnant, I wouldn’t need a second opinion, but definitely lighter that last weeks. I called my doctors office, who they said I need to come in for a quant HCG blood draw. I was already out that way hanging out with my mom and younger brothers fiance. We met my dad for lunch, and then afterwards I went in to get the draw. Draw was taken, and while back there, I asked the lady “once my HCG levels are back to not pregnant, I should then get my period correct.” And the lady said yes, not immediately, but my period should be on the way. I am suppose to get a call tomorrow with the number, I’m hoping for 10. Enough to show up on a FRER, but ALMOST not pregnant (I believe not pregnant is <5.)

ALSO, I am not officially on Joseph’s insurance. Which may not mean much to other people, but…JOSEPH’S INSURANCE HAS INFERTILITY COVERAGE!!!!!!!! Not enough to do anything crazy, but a lot more than my $0. It’s lifetime max is $5000. But enough that I’m not going to feel super guilty about going to see an RE.

WHICH, I schedule today! I have a fertility specialist appointment scheduled for October 22nd. It is a ways away, but VERY excited. I also made the appointment with the doctor I wanted. I think this is the doctor my ob referred me to, but when I called back to their office, the checkout lady told me someone different (I really think she just opened the book ad gave me the first fertility specialist she saw.)

I have decided to start taking charge of my health. This means, I want a doctor who can genuinely help me, as in will answer my phone calls, not put me on hold for 40+ minutes, and specializes in getting people pregnant.  I really like my doctor, and I really like the nurse practitioner I’ve been working with. But if I have any questions or need to talk to them, it is like I am the biggest inconvenience, not to them, but to the aides, and desk clerks that answer their phone. So that is what I am doing.

Also bought the book “gods at war” by Kyle Idleman (who is the teaching pastor at my church) which discusses idols. And as seen in my a previous post (Reasons.) I think that getting pregnant is an idol for me, so I’m hoping through the book, and the study my small group will be doing, I will get more insight on how to combat the idolatry in my life.

Overall, great day. Tomorrow I am hoping to work on making this blog cuter. It won’t be done tomorrow, but know, that I am going to quit use wordpress default banners.