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Interview pt 2.

So back in August, when I was happily pregnant (actually four days before the miscarriage) I interviewed at a middle school in the district I was *trying* to transfer into. I didn’t get a call back, which ended up being great because I started bleeding the Monday I would have had to start working. I miscarried the first week of school. There is no way I could have worked through that. Emotionally, when you have waited, prayed, and cried over a baby for so long, only to get him, and lose him, there is no way I could have dealt with a new teaching job, with no time to prep.

Well today I got a phone call, from the same middle school. Now, the district I was trying to get into has 48 schools I am qualified to teach at. I applied in February 2013, I got ONE phone call for an interview, and this specific middle school. And that same middle school called me to come in to interview for a position on Thursday. So, maybe I am suppose to be at that school. Maybe those students need me as a teacher for some reason I don’t know. And maybe God knew this all along, but knew I wasn’t in a place to teach in August. And maybe here is God opening up that door again.

Maybe not, but I’d like to think so. I interview Thursday at 2:50 pm. Prayers are welcome.