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Check it!

So we are respite approved, we are still waiting our homestudy to finish, but on Wednesday we’re doing respite for our friends (not overnight, but from like 7a-10/11p.) And we have a playground in our neighborhood that I thought it’d be fun to take the boys to. But we didn’t have stroller. And little boy is too tiny for a stroller alone, he’d need his infant carrier, and blah blah blah logistics. So I made a mei tai. Using this tutorial. That tutorial is seriously one of the best I have ever followed. I was a bit offended when Joseph told me it took a long time, because I felt like it didn’t. Ususally I get discouraged and frustrated when things take a long time because the reason it is taking so long is most likely me messing things up. So while this took probably about 3 hours, I didn’t make ONE SINGLE MISTAKE, and the end product I love. WP_20140406_002

Here it is all laid out and crazy like, I need to bum a baby off someone to take a picture with it on. But I love it. I was able to use some of the left over fabric I had from the kiddo room, and I love it. So I now have a way to transport little boy.

For big boy, I wanted to get an umbrella stroller. Something cheap honestly. So at Kroger they had some umbrella strollers on close out, for like ten bucks. and so we bought it. It was pink, and flowery, and ugly. So I decided I’d recover it. I didn’t take a before pic, but here is the fabricWP_20140406_003

Nice and blurry picture. You’re welcome. So I recovered itWP_20140406_001

And I love it! I am actually in the process of making a diaper bag from this fabric, but I also plan on making a umbrella stroller bag to hang on the back, and it’d be really awesome if I could figure out how to make some sort of cup holder/phone holder/ key holder console thing. Who knows.

Also, our friend E called and said this older couple in her county just got a 23 mo boy and an 8 mo girl. And they are already questioning why they said yes. So she gave them our name and number and told them to use us for respite. They haven’t called, but I think the idea here was, if you are going to disrupt, use someone for respite who could take the kiddos so it is less of an upheaval.

Who knows. Follicle scan Tuesday Morning.