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Clomid out…letrazole in.

I went to my baseline ultrasound yesterday, and there were no cysts for me! Woo. That doesn’t meant I don’t have lots of follicles, I have lots of those, but no cysts, so we will be medicating this cycle. She was a bit concerned with what to do because last cycle on clomid (150, 100, 150, 100, 150) I produced 6 follicles, then 2 days later all but one had stalled. so cd 11, I had follicles measuring 18, 16, 15, 15, 14, and 13. Then two days like on cd13, the 18 was now a 26, the 16 was an 18, a 15 was an 18, and the rest were about the same. So even though I had three ovulatable eggs(ovulatable, yep that’s a word) the was definitely the dominant one.

So her concern was that she would have never guessed I would have gone from two eggs on 100 mg, to having 6 on cd11, to having 1-3 on cd 13. So she wasn’t sure what to do. Up the clomid because we’d like the eggs closer in size? keep it the same because we don’t want to risk having 6 ovulatable?

Also my lining on cd11 was a 5.8, on cd13 it was a 6.7. The odd of a successful pregnancy decrease if your uterine lining is below a 7. And each egg you produce(mind you I had 6 total, 3 mature) is supposed to help fluff up your lining, and I was on an estrogen patch which was supposed to help as well. But my lining was still taking a hit.

So with that being said she switched us to letrazole(femara.) Letrazole is actually a breast cancer drug so its used off prescription for infertility. Sometimes insurance won’t cover letrazole, but thankfully ours does. I am taking 7 mg cd4-8. I will start the estrogen patch on cd9, go in for my follicle scan cd11, likely triggering cd11-cd13, with progesterone suppositories (200mg) 3dpo til 14dpo.

Joseph and I had always said we’d finish out clomid, meaning we’d do 6 medicated cycles. Since we weren’t able to continue on with clomid, we are planning to do two medicated cycles on letrazole, and take a from March 2014-January 2015 still. Just a different drug.