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Maternity clothes

One of the benefits of taking so long to get pregnant, is that most of my friends who I see on a regular basis are done having children. So many of them have just passed along their maternity clothes with the whole “I wont need these back, so keep em’ til you’re done having babies.” Super thoughtful and kind. I was a bit nervous BC several of these kind friends are size fours post babies, which I haven’t been since college. But turns out maternity clothes sizes don’t really matter. Anywho, I now have more maternity pants and jeans than I had regular pants/jeans. So I feel like I’m set. I would like to get a mama parka from h&m, and also buy a pair of compression tights. Thankful for friends who are giving.


also, I know I usually make Calvin some piece of clothing on Sunday. I didn’t today, but have some big plans for cute outfits coming up.

Maternity Shorts

Our first summer married I bought a cute pair of gap shorts. Size 6(did I mention it was like two weeks after I got married, that wedding diet paid off!) I wore them all summer and loved them. I’m not one to like short shorts, so these were perfect. The next summer, I was able to fit in them, but not freshly laundered. Our third married summer I majorly muffin topped in them quite a bit a few times. So now that is it approaching our fourth summer married, and I’m knocked up, there is NO WAY I could fit into these shorts. So today, I made my first pair of maternity shorts. I know, I’m only 8 weeks, but I couldn’t fit into them anymore anyways, and I’m SUPER bloated. I can definitely see myself living in these. I chose to do a green band because I love this color green, and I didn’t have any neutral colors. So here they are.WP_20140526_001WP_20140526_002WP_20140526_003WP_20140526_004WP_20140526_005WP_20140526_006 

Perfect fit for a growing summer belly. The band is super long, so I’ll definitely trim it down sum, but for now, they’re a wonderful option.