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No One Higher

Today at church, I was a mixed bag of crazy pregnant hormonal emotions. During worship, they played No One Higher

Which is a great worship song. About half way through I started crying. Like tears rolling down my face. Because our baby has ears and can hear, and you know what our baby heard today? Thousands of people pouring their heart out in worship. Including his mommy and daddy. And I couldn’t contain myself, I was so overwhelmed with the idea of Joseph and I raising our baby boy, to worship unashamedly. Belt out praise to his Lord and Savior. And it’s starting now.

He who has ears to hear, let him hear.

Matthew 11:15

And my baby has ears!

Then the sermon series that finished up today was titles Fake ID. It was about how we often identify ourselves with worldly attributes. When we should be identify ourselves in Christ. Any who, our pastor started out discussing Nominative Determinism. Which according to wikipedia (ya know, super reliable source) Nominative determinism (ND) is the theory that a person’s name can have a significant role in determining key aspects of job, profession or even character.

To a mother worrying about the name we have picked out, hearing this made me panic. The meaning of the name we are about 95% sure on is (with first and middle) Bald Prosperous Ruler. So I’m panicking. Names are hard. But then I realized, the whole point of the series is to not let anyone or thing define you outside of Christ. So my hope is that our sons name, despite the literal meaning, will come to represent so much more than Bald Prosperous Ruler.

We have been praying for this baby since before it was a reality. Before medical intervention. Before we even began trying. But I was praying FOR this baby. “Father God, give us a child we can raise to love and serve you.” This has been my prayer for years. Now it’d morphed into a more extensive prayer“Father God, help Joseph and I raise this child to be Your child. To not live for this world. To know, and love, and serve, and disciple in Your name.” And is it weird that I’m already praying for his future wife and his future children. I am.