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Diaper bag

I’m a pretty low key kinda person. When I registered at buy buy baby, they told me to register for a diaper bag for myself and Joseph. Joseph isn’t going to carry a diaper bag. He doesn’t care that much about it, and he’ll just haul mine around if he needs one. Anywho, I started thinking about what I wanted in a diaper bag.


This is the one I just purchased from Lands End. I didn’t get it embroidered bc I can DIY it with whatever we decided. It was $34.50, but today there was a 30% off one item, so It came to around $24. I figure it’s inexpensive enough that I could buy one for every kid. So I very well may embroider it with “Calvin.” I think it has four inside pocket, and the outside one. I am planning on water proofing it when I get it, I’m not sure how yet, but I’m excited to get it! yay!

What’s up in our world

Nesting. I still haven’t gotten the pictures from our shower, but it has definitely sparked my desire to nest. Currently all of Calvin’s stuff is piled up in our Kiddo room,WP_20140921_009 while Calvin’s room is full of our crap.


So in order to get the kiddo room cleared out, we need to get Calvin’s room cleared out. Which means we have to find a place to put Joseph’s computers and desk, and my sewing machines and desk.

Originally we thought we’d put the computers in our room. But before we could do that, I wanted to pain out room. It used to be purple.WP_20140920_001

We finished painting it today. It is now a light robins egg blue.WP_20140921_008

It isn’t put back together or anything. We are hoping to get some adult furniture. And I’m going to do new curtains. And get new bedding. But these are minor details. I think I love it. It is so much lighter and brighter.

So nesting is in full swing.

We’re 25 weeks 1 day today. Next big milestone is 20 days away. At 28 weeks Calvin’s brain is done developing, so if born early, we’d just be dealing with lung issues.WP_20140921_001

Um, and my stomach is huge.