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Oh little baby.

I have always like the progression of pregnancy pictures, so I could hardly wait to start our. I did on week 4. I know its kind of pathetic. And no, that isn’t a baby bump(obviously, just some prebaby fat.)


As far as feeling pregnant, I do. My uterus feels busy. Not crampy, or churning, but heavy, and like it has a lot of work to do. Laying in bed I can just feel it. Something I couldn’t do even 2 weeks ago. Thinking back on the last two week wait, if I was laying on my belly, I had this same feeling, a busy uterus. Just from like 8 day past ovulation, but I remember telling Joseph that my uterus felt hard.

We are going to clean out our nursery(it just has boxes from the move) as soon as Joseph release his game(TUESDAY woo!) I called and set up our appointments. We have our first ultra sound at 7 weeks 6 days (September 6th) then the 12 week appointment October 8th. I think we’ll tell our families the weekend of September 27th since my younger sister will be back in town from college.