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Bill has been posted


You can see that insurance hasn’t decided what they’ll pay yet. But another bill for $3000 ish they paid $640, we paid $160. But seeing that number…whew. We’re not certain if that is EVERYTHING, I kind of highly doubt that it is everything. Like that is just the hospital, I’m fully expect to get a bill from our anesthesiologist, and both Dr.W and Dr.M. Just to put it into perspective, Dr.W did our fetal heart echo, and it was the $3000 bill mentioned, so having him preform cervical surgery, I expect to be much more. What we have taken away from this, is we will likely meet our out of pocket annual MAX once this is all said and done. So hopefully Calvin, and anything else that happens will be FREE.

I have a follow-up appt with Dr.W September 11th at 9:15, and then a follow-up with my regular ob Dr.T September 12th 11:50.

Cervix update.

Dr. W and Dr. M are going to attempt to surgically rectify this stupid cranky varicose vein of a cervix, on Thursday. I’m not sure what time.

The biggest risk is bleeding. The smaller risk is Calvin being born. We asked our doctor and at this point, chances are survival are minimal. If we were to wait until his chances of survival are high enough to give him a fighting chance, the risk of this thing rupturing and me bleeding out before we get medical attention is too high.

We are scared. That all there is to say.

We are confident that Dr. M and Dr. W are the right doctors for us. We are hopeful the surgery will be successful, and hopeful Calvin stays put for many more weeks.

After the successful surgery, there should be no issues going forth. I can carry him until he is HUGE and BIG and HEALTHY.

Prayers for God’s guidance for the doctors in my surgery. Prayers for Calvin to stay put and GROW. Prayers for peace for Joseph and I.

Contractions, Calvin, Cervix

In no certain order:

-I am having contractions. Kinda nuts. we were walking into the MFM’s office(more on that) and I told Joseph I was cramping. They got us in an u/s room and the first thing the tech said, was that I was having a contraction.

-My sweet boy is a mover. He is obstinate and doesn’t like his picture taken.

-My cervix is nuts.

We met with Dr. M, the ob oncologist, he told us he would look, he likely wouldn’t biopsy outside of the operating room because of my bleedy bleedy tendencies. He used the smallest speculum in hopes of not irritating anything. He looked through his microscope for all of 20 seconds. Back up, did a touch exam(IDK what to call it, but you know when the check your cervix with their fingers.) Then said, he does not think this vascular entity(he wouldn’t name it) is malignant. He then said he wanted me to see an MFM this week. He does a lot of cervical/vaginal surgery, so he gets sent all surgical patients, but because I am pregnant, he wanted the MFM to do an intense ultrasound of this vascular thing and make sure my cervix was ok. He also told us, when he looked through the microscope at my cervix, he couldn’t see it. All he could see was this vascular thing. So he told asked us to wait while he tried to get us in to see the MFM tomorrow. He came back in about 10 minutes and  asked what we were doing this afternoon, and if we’d be able to go today. We said we could absolutely go today, and immediately walked over to the MFMs office.

As we were walking into the MFMs office is when I felt a contraction. Anywho, we get to the MFMs office and they immediately get me back into the u/s room. We ultrasound and see Calvin boy, he’s doing well and growing. The MFM Dr.W came in(he’s actually the same MFM we saw for our fetal heart echo last week.) Dr. W asked that they put me in trendelenburg. I stayed like that for about 10 minutes, then Dr. W came back in and did a vaginal u/s and u/s the vascular thing. For like 30 minutes. I couldn’t see(I was still in trendelenburg) but Joseph could see. He concluded that this is likely a varicose vein. It starts about half way up my cervix, and proceeds to the outside, where it is everywhere.

“So what to do?” He literally said this allowed. He also said this is likely going to get worse. The normal first time mom has cervical changes in 30+ weeks, the fact that I’ve had this since 13 weeks…not promising for natural fixings. So as Calvin gets bigger he’s going to put more pressure on my cervix and thus this varicose vein.

The options:Dr. W and Dr. M are discussing surgical options tonight and will call me tomorrow.

1. Attempting to get a stitch around the varicose vein. The issue with this, if they stick the vein and it starts bleeding, it could be bad.

2. Attempting to get a stich around the cervix above the varicose veins origin. Issue with this, they may not be able to get high enough.

3. Nonsurgical options(mechanisms in the vagina to put pressure on the vein) balloon, or vaginal packing.

4. Nothing. Close monitoring. C-section. If we do nothing, he said he doesn’t think I should go past 38 weeks, and 32 is the goal(every week after that is a bonus.) Issues with this are continuous bleeding, chances of crazy bleeding.

Dr. W wants me on a stool softener(which I’ve been on since 6 weeks) and he said to take milk of magnesia a couple times a week to keep things really soft.

So, we will wait until Dr. M and Dr. W decide.

Prayers for wisdom for these amazing doctors. Prayers for peace for Joseph and I. Prayers for health for myself and Calvin.

It’s probably nothing…

We have our ob oncologist appt tomorrow at 2:30. I am very hopeful, that my cervix is just cranky. But I am prepared for the slight chance that the ob oncologist says it is cancer. We have already come to terms through infertility that our family could and will be grown and realized in many different ways. We’re far enough in this pregnancy, that even if it is cancer, we’ll continue this pregnancy. They will take Calvin by csection as soon as possible(earliest I’d be comfortable with is 35 weeks) and worst case scenario is a radical hysterectomy. Which I’m surprisingly ok with. There would be a grieving process, but get my boy here healthy, and keep me alive to see him grow. We can continue growing our family.

I am hopeful this is just a cranky cervix. Nothing more. I’m mentally prepared for the worst.

Also, my dear friends sister(who was an ob nurse) recommended I ask the ob oncologist for a referral to a specialist at a university (probably UofL bc its closest.)

OB oncologist appt

My ob’s office called today saying the first ob oncologist Dr. T wanted me to see was book a month out, and Dr. T doesn’t want to wait that long. So they set-up an appt with another ob oncologist for Monday August 25th at 2:30 pm.

So Monday at 2:30 I will have another colopscopy, Dr. T wants to see me for a follow-up appt that is not schedule yet. I have a follow-up with Dr. T’s partner on Friday 8/29 for the fetal heart echo. I kind of wonder if maybe they could combine these appointments.

The bleeding isn’t too bad, I haven’t had any cramping, so hopefully it’ll end soon.

I taught had 1st grade in the library today, and a little girl asked if I was having a baby. So apparently I’m showing enough for 1st graders to notice. But I’m fairly certain their filter level is super low. Normal filtered people are probably not to the point that they assume I’m pregnant, ya know cause I could just be fat.