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Uh oh…Did I miss it?

So, none of these are positives.WP_20140410_001

The far left is two days ago, middle is yesterday, and far right is today(with the farthest right the most recent) So…did I miss it? I called an scheduled my repeat follicle exam, and told them that I expect to go positive in the next 24 hours. she said if I do, to call in and they’ll have me come in for the IUI, if I don’t, I have my follicle scan tomorrow at 3:45. And I suppose if I’ve already surged, I likely have ovulated, which means we won’t see any follicles. So who knows. This stupid food poisoning really mucked things up for us this cycle because we haven’t dtd since monday. So…if I’ve already surged and ovulated, this month is a wash.

Cycle 23 follicle scan

I had mg follicle scan this morning.

Right: 14.5, 14.5.

Left: 17.5, 18.

Lining: 5.6mm 😦

She is hoping one of the smaller ones will drop off, but sounded like we will proceed with iui. I’m to do opks and call if they go positive and then I’ll go in the next day for my iui. If no positive opk by Friday, I’ll go back in for another scan likely a trigger then iui about 36 hours after that. I’m staying on my estrogen patches(.05 and.0375) until the iui. She thinks within two days my lining should be about seven.

prayers for mg lining to fluff up a bit, and we found out Joseph can collect his sample at home and we just bring it to the office, which I feel like is nicer than having to do his business in a doctors offuce

Um hello body, what’s up?!

This is my first unmedicated cycle in seven months(barring the miscarriage recovery.) actually l, I’m still taking metformin BC we(the re and I) wanted to see what it’d do for me. Today is cd 15 and bam, postive opk. Perhaps the most positive I’ve ever had. Plus this means about a cd17 oday, which is the tied for the earliest since I’ve started tracking. Perhaps it the met. Perhaps its left over medication. All I know is my body is doing good things. We bd’d twice on saturday(um what’s up newlywed-like libido!) last night, and will today and tomorrow. But hotdog!


Well…it’s been awhile.

I feel like it has been awhile since I’ve blogged. I have been keeping busy with a whole lotta nonsense. But our foster training is OVER!!! woo! Very excited about that. Our house isn’t open yet, but not more 9 hour Saturday meetings, which is very exciting.

I am currently cycle day five. If I’m being completely honest, after last cycle, I stopped taking all my medications. All of them. I was just so frustrated that every day I take 5+ pills(depend on where I am in my cycle) and it results in nothing. I took about two weeks off, but now I’m back on my prenatal vitamin, metformin*, and baby aspirin.

I do not have PCOS, however, my testosterone in on the high side of normal, so my RE put me on metformin. I’m going to stay on it for 3 nonmedicated cycles and see what it does for my cycle length. My average unmedicated cycle length is 35 days, if met could bring me down to say 31 days I would be THRILLED! So we shall see.

I have about 30 opks left over from my last purchase, I may start taking them around cd14. I think we’re going to bd every third(ish) day, and just see what happens. It will likely be nothing that happens.

Pessimistically hopeful.

That is me. Or optimistically doubtful. Either way, most of me is thinking this month is a no, but this tiny inkling of hope is hoping it’s a yes. Only time will tell. And I’m evenly split between wanting time to hurry, dreading when it gets here. I pee’d on an OPK this morning, the second line was faint. I’m guessing my trigger is out of my system.

4 days left til testing.

Urge to pee.

I have an urge to POAS. I’m 6-8dpo.(Have I discussed this?) and I think I’m going to pee on an OPK, and see if that’ll alleviate the need.


6-8dpo. I really feel like I have have ovulated before I triggered. Well, actually the day I triggered. I know I posted my OPKS, I stupidly didn’t take one on Tuesday, just Wednesday(and only one in the evening) and Thursday, which I then triggered Thursday night. But I had ewcm and cramping Thursday day. so…if I ovulated before the trigger, I’m 8dpo, if I didn’t, I’m only 6dpo. Either way, I’m going to go from the trigger, because I won’t be testing too early.

I’ve been stabbed…opinions?

Joseph just stabbed me for my final time this cycle. I am so thankful for an understanding husband who is so delicate with these shots. Seriously, I married the right man!

Also, any opinions on these opks? The middle two are obviously  lighter, but what about the top and bottom?WP_001053


So my RE “Trigger Thursday around 6pm, unless you go earlier than that, but I’d still trigger anyways, just to be sure. And I wouldn’t mess around with LH kits.”

So naturally, yesterday I pee’d on an OPK. I noticed some fertile looking cm, so I wondered.

Let’s all take a moment to rejoice in my fertile looking cm! WOOOO!

So I took an OPK yesterday, early evening, around 5. It was not positive, but it was definitely close. So I took another one this morning, it looked about the same, maybe a bit lighter, but I’m chalking that up to different concentrations of urine(this mornings was practically clear.) I will take another this afternoon, and trigger this evening no matter what. But I’m just hoping that my follicles continue growing until a bit more. I know I’ts just me being greedy. I am so thankful that Femara/Letrazole gave me two follicles, of good size, and so thankful for my RE who is willing to do “booster HCG” shots so they don’t quit growing. And thankful for my amazing husband who has to stab me in the stomach, and bd on demand. And so thankful for everything.

I praying for both these follicles to take. But God’s plan is one, I will be overjoyed. And if His plan is none, I will be overjoyed. My joy comes from Him, not a pregnancy.

Ttc and working.

So I don’t have a full time job. I sub about 2-3 days a week. But how do you ttc with a full time 9-5 job? Our first year ttc I worked full time, but I have the hardest time now. I have to pack opks and a pee cup which I’ll take at lunch and planning. And when I ovulate(my far too many follicles) im fairly certain I will be in too much pain to work. I had some fairly bad cramping today and had to sit down. and I’ve had several hot flashes. It really isn’t too bad, but it’s more difficult than I would like. However, today it is keeping me busy until my appt, so that is greatly appreciated.


I have great intuition. I knew I was miscarrying when I miscarried. None of this “spotting happens frequently during health pregnancies” crap, my baby was gone. Today my intuition proved right once again. Last post I was talking about how nervous I was that we would have more than three follicles and what that would mean. And for good reason. I have six follicles. 18, 16, 15, 15, 14, and 13. Three in the right, and three on the left. So we are not to have relations if you will until at least Monday. Monday I will go in for another ultrasound. She said there is a possibility the 14 & 13 could drop off, leaving is with four. Which is one more than she would like, but she’d leave it up to us. Here is a chance another could drop off, but as of now it looks like this cycles a bust. Even if they do drop off, chances are by Monday we will be ovulating within a day or so, so usually where we time it to have many days before ovulation, ovulation, and a day or two after covered, we would have missed most of our fertile window. We will def not trigger this cycle so im going to start opks today. Needless to say I’m quite upset knowing that we now only have two cycles left. Prayers for follicles quatre, cinq, and six to drop off are so welcome!