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FRER progression

This will be my last pee stick post on my regular blog. I will likely keep tinkling on pee sticks(dollar tree though I’m afraid) until our first ultrasound, and post them on my pee sticks page.

Here is our FRER progression from 9dpiui to 14dpiui. Sorry about the nasty yellow one. IDK why that’s the only one like that.WP_20140427_001WP_20140427_002

Sick hubby

My hubby is sick. Does anyone else just hate it when their husband is sick? I hate it more than I hate being sick.

Tomorrow we have our second beta draw. My RE should call us with the results and hopefully discuss the plan of action for her(including ultrasounds!)

My younger sister has been wanting to throw us a celebratory party for fostering, and she called today. I said “Let’s just talk about it when you’re in town for mothers Day.” I think that is our intended tell the family day.

We have our really good friends A&R know. My sweet friend K knows. And then E&J know because they’re the ones I work for, they knew about the IUI, so she asked and I gladly told her. The only reason we are waiting until Mother’s Day weekend is because my younger sister is away at college, and I don’t want her feelings to be hurt if she isn’t there. She probably wouldn’t care, but this way its easier to just keep the peace. Ideally, I’d like to have an ultrasound before mother’s day weekend, but I’ll only be like 5week and 5 days, so I think she’ll want to wait until the next week.

Today I’m feeling just a bit bloated. Its unreal still. Joseph and I have been silly and optimistically dreaming about the gender. He says boy, I said boy at first, but now I’m going with girl. Talk about counting your chickens before the hatch. But its easier to treat it like everything will be ok. And I don’t want to distance myself from my baby. I love this baby, and always will. If this baby joins our other child in heaven before we meet, then I want to enjoy every day I have with her.(<because I think we’re having a girl.)

You can check out my PeeSticks! page for the latest peestick. I have two more FRER(which will get me til 14dpo.) I may go and buy some more, but I also want a clear blue digi with week estimator. So who knows.

FRER progression


So 9dpiui is top(smu) 10dpiui middle, 11dpiui bottom.

This morning I woke up at 3:30 having to pee, and feeling like I was going to puke. What’s up with that? Its entirely too early for morning sickness, I think I over ate last night(we went out to Red robin and I had a delicious Guacamole Bacon Burger to celebrate, but I only ate half…oh and a whole order of their shorty onion rings, and some fries…) But I definitely feel like my digestion and bowel movements have slowed down. I actually felt this way this past weekend as well. I know progesterone can do that, but this is the first time I’ve experienced it. I’m a bit frustrated with my RE’s office making me wait until tomorrow to get my beta done. Actually, I’m  calling right now, and I’m going today. I just explained that tomorrow I can’t do it, and I can’t on Monday. Which isn’t a lie exactly. I could, but I’d have both the boys(an 18 month old and a 3.5 month old) and Joseph would have to take off work to come and sit in the car with them, or I could not work the entire day. Which is ridiculous, so I have to go hop in the shower and LEAVE!!!! yay! so excited!

It feels good.

In my TWW I always find myself on’s pregnancy test statistics page. You would think after 23 months, I would have these memorized(and I pretty much do.) but I seek statistics for comfort. Like 50% of women don’t implant until 9dpo. That is completely normal. This has been such a source of optimism for me.

In this whole infertility saga, it is easy to feel like we are always on the bad side of statistics. But this cycle, I’m on the lucky side. Ya know the side that gets there BF(aint)Positive early. It’s a small victory, but I’ll take it.

I had a request from ladyloveandbabydust for another pee stick. (who am I kidding, this was for my own sake!) I didn’t want to use a FRER so I used a dollar tree. I have been SUPER impressed with the dollar tree test picking up, and looking clearer than the FRER.WP_20140423_009

Um…What the crap! I hate triggers

I had plan to POAS today. Until I woke up at 3:00am with my bladder full. I tried to just fall back asleep, but at 3:40 I lost my battle with the bladder and peed. I woke up at 6:50(Joseph turned off his alarm and over slept.) Peed in my cup, and POAS. I am 9dpiui, 11(.5) days past triggerWP_20140422_004

and tweaked.


So, now I can only wait, hold my breath, and PRAY this is actually a baby, and not the residual trigger. Why do I do this? Oh, and my trigger was only 5000.