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FRER progression


So 9dpiui is top(smu) 10dpiui middle, 11dpiui bottom.

This morning I woke up at 3:30 having to pee, and feeling like I was going to puke. What’s up with that? Its entirely too early for morning sickness, I think I over ate last night(we went out to Red robin and I had a delicious Guacamole Bacon Burger to celebrate, but I only ate half…oh and a whole order of their shorty onion rings, and some fries…) But I definitely feel like my digestion and bowel movements have slowed down. I actually felt this way this past weekend as well. I know progesterone can do that, but this is the first time I’ve experienced it. I’m a bit frustrated with my RE’s office making me wait until tomorrow to get my beta done. Actually, I’m  calling right now, and I’m going today. I just explained that tomorrow I can’t do it, and I can’t on Monday. Which isn’t a lie exactly. I could, but I’d have both the boys(an 18 month old and a 3.5 month old) and Joseph would have to take off work to come and sit in the car with them, or I could not work the entire day. Which is ridiculous, so I have to go hop in the shower and LEAVE!!!! yay! so excited!

Raise your hand if you want to poas.

Both mine are in the air. 7dpo. I had some INTENSE pain today after our Easter brunch, and feeling a little crampy. And I want to pee on so many sticks. I don’t have any. I’m going to buy two three packs of FRER tomorrow after work. I’ll pee on Tuesday morning 9dpo. I know that’s early, but I just feel like this has been our best chance yet, so I’m cautiously hopeful.

How to POAS.

When you are a POAS addict and infertile, there are two common sense techniques you should employ when peeing on a stick.

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1. Pee in a cup. These little highlight disposable shot glasses are my preference. They’re narrow enough to not require all of my urine, and deep enough to dip the stick in completely. Pee in a cup, so if there is a questionable result, you will be able to recreate.

2. Wipe first. Pee in a cup, then wipe. This generally saves me at least one test. Ya know the whole “My period is due any second, every test has been negative, but maybe there is still a chance.” If after you wipe there is no blood, or pink tinged cm, open your stick and dunk away.

Today at 15 dpo, I followed number 1, but not number two. I dunked my stick super eagerly. Wiped and found pink tinged cm. That was a waste of $4(it was a kroger brand blue dye.)