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FRER progression

This will be my last pee stick post on my regular blog. I will likely keep tinkling on pee sticks(dollar tree though I’m afraid) until our first ultrasound, and post them on my pee sticks page.

Here is our FRER progression from 9dpiui to 14dpiui. Sorry about the nasty yellow one. IDK why that’s the only one like that.WP_20140427_001WP_20140427_002

First beta

I got my first Beta taken this morning at about 11:30. It came back as 53! I am so incredibly humbled by this number. I had already prepared myself and Joseph with the fact that anything over 5 is pregnant, and would be great. But 53! Hot dog! I go back Saturday Morning for another Beta, after which my RE will call me with the results.

FRER progression


So 9dpiui is top(smu) 10dpiui middle, 11dpiui bottom.

This morning I woke up at 3:30 having to pee, and feeling like I was going to puke. What’s up with that? Its entirely too early for morning sickness, I think I over ate last night(we went out to Red robin and I had a delicious Guacamole Bacon Burger to celebrate, but I only ate half…oh and a whole order of their shorty onion rings, and some fries…) But I definitely feel like my digestion and bowel movements have slowed down. I actually felt this way this past weekend as well. I know progesterone can do that, but this is the first time I’ve experienced it. I’m a bit frustrated with my RE’s office making me wait until tomorrow to get my beta done. Actually, I’m  calling right now, and I’m going today. I just explained that tomorrow I can’t do it, and I can’t on Monday. Which isn’t a lie exactly. I could, but I’d have both the boys(an 18 month old and a 3.5 month old) and Joseph would have to take off work to come and sit in the car with them, or I could not work the entire day. Which is ridiculous, so I have to go hop in the shower and LEAVE!!!! yay! so excited!

It feels good.

In my TWW I always find myself on’s pregnancy test statistics page. You would think after 23 months, I would have these memorized(and I pretty much do.) but I seek statistics for comfort. Like 50% of women don’t implant until 9dpo. That is completely normal. This has been such a source of optimism for me.

In this whole infertility saga, it is easy to feel like we are always on the bad side of statistics. But this cycle, I’m on the lucky side. Ya know the side that gets there BF(aint)Positive early. It’s a small victory, but I’ll take it.

I had a request from ladyloveandbabydust for another pee stick. (who am I kidding, this was for my own sake!) I didn’t want to use a FRER so I used a dollar tree. I have been SUPER impressed with the dollar tree test picking up, and looking clearer than the FRER.WP_20140423_009

I put on my big girl panties

And called me re. I was afraid of getting yelled at for testing early. But figured the worst that could happen is they’d tell me to call back on Sunday. She wanted me to come in today for a beta draw, but I have the boys so I couldn’t. But I’m going in tomorrow morning, and she said she should be able to get the results back to me that day. So here we go! Just kidding. The nurse called me and wants me to wait until Friday BC of the trigger.

So I’m a crazy.

I had two baby showers this weekend. I loved seeing my friends today at the baby shower, but they started talking about how crazy it is that meth addicts have babies, or one lady works at a hospital and she said after giving birth she went out to smoke pot in the parking lot. And all I could think was those ladies get babies and I don’t Sad smile. actually, that frowny face isn’t quite large enough. But whatever. So. this morning I posted a picture of my peesticks. Then I actually played around with them in gimp. and…<DON’T JUDGE ME!!!> normally I’m not one for intense tweaking. Just inverting and such, but I played with the “thresholds” tool, which it starts off completely white and as you slide it over it start putting in black the darkest colors. so I slid it over, all the control lines showed up first, then the top test line, then third test line, then second, and fourth, then fifth, then…seventh, then sixth! WHAT WHAT?!?! I know it doesn’t mean anything yet, but maybe tomorrows will be darker? Here is the untweaked pic again.triggershot8dpo

And tweaked:triggershot8dpotweakedSee how the test inbetween hasn’t even showed up? Maybe maybe?

\Testing out the trigger

So yesterday was crazy, as I was at a baby shower from 2-8:30. So I wasn’t able to post a picture. But todays picture has Saturdays (6dpo) and today’s (7dpo)WP_20131117_003

So yesterday and todays are BARELY there. But is todays lighter or the same? Maybe even darker?! I starting to get my hopes up. Both were taken with first morning urine. AND…I think I maybe actually 8dpo. Here me out.

36 hours after my trigger was 8am Sunday Morning. So 1 dpo was from 8am Sunday-Monday. 2dpo Monday-Tuesday, 3dpo Tuesday-Wednesday, 4dpo Wednesday-Thursday, 5dpo Thursday-Friday, 6dpo-Friday to Saturday, 7dpo Saturday-Sunday, and now(and for the peestick which was done at 8:30 am Sunday morning) I’m 8dpo. The only reason I’m figuring all this out, is for implantation purposes. According to, when I plug in my information, I get this.


So if in fact today I am 8dpo, I have already had an 8% chance of implantation. If I haven’t implanted, there is a great chance I will in the next three days. So, if this trigger shot doesn’t go away completely, but instead starts getting darker, I’M GOING TO FLIP! In the best way possible.

I have another baby shower today. So yay for that.

1 dpo…

I am 1 dpo today. I have a long ways to go. I said I’d wait til Wednesday to POAS, but you better believe I couldn’t resist. It was super bittersweet. I couldn’t help but think about how badly I wanted this test to be on 13dpo… but whatever.

I have two baby showers this weekend.

My friend C is having a little girl in December. We are having a mother daughter shower for her on Sunday. So I put together, with my mothers help a diaper changing basket. I made three burp cloths, and a diaper changing pad. then we stuffed in diapers, wipes, and butt cream.WP_000823


Saturday my younger brother’s fiance is having a shower. My sweet niece Charlotte is due January 6th. So here is a snap shot of the gifts I have so far. The white thing with red polka dots is a homemade Muslin receiving blanket. I did one with red polka dots in fabric paint, and one just plain white. I know it may not be as cute as those by Aden & Anais but they were MUCH cheaper.WP_000826

I made  a Where the wild things are onesie that says “I’ll eat you up I love you so” I did this using a freezer paper stencil. I Found a pair of grey leggings at Target on clearance so I purchased those to go with it.

V__67F3 (1)

Then yesterday, I went to JoAnns for one thing, but all of their flannel was on sale, so naturally I purchased a ton. I made these burp cloths(R&B have called the baby little monster, so that’s where the monsters come in.WP_000821

Then I made a diaper changing pad. It has the monster on the outside, and two pockets on the inside for diaper and cream storage. (right: folded up, middle: outside, left: inside(with blue pockets.))



And testing out the trigger got me this today. UGH! If only this was 2 weeks from now…WP_000827


Positive pregnancy tests are something I love seeing. Unless you are 4 weeks 6 days post miscarriage and waiting on your first period. Then you want to see a stark white, no liner, so you know your HCG is normal. HCG is what tells your period to stay away. I have been spotting since Friday. Like not enough to need to wear anything. I have been cramping since Wednesday. My doctor told me to test again in two week(1 week and 6 days ago) and if it was positive to call in. Well I tested this morning, just curious. 4w6dpostmcedited

I know you probably can’t see them, and that is because it is ALMOST not there. Its enough that is this was a normal cycle, and we tried, I would consider myself pregnant. But this isn’t a normal cycle. My HCG is still fading from the miscarriage. Do I call in? Or wait a few more days to test again?