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Breast Pump

I know I have posted about being confused about breast feeding or bottle feeding. But several people had told me to call insurance to see if they covered a breast pump. For some reason I was very hesitant to call, thinking there was no way they would. Well, they do. at 100%. An electric double pump, I just need to get my ob to write a prescription for one. I have two choices, Medal in style personal advanced, or Ameda purely yours. Neither are the one that I thought I wanted, but free is better than $400. This made me super happy, and relieved. Because we also got our “ob budget” this week. How come every other health care situation, they bill insurance first, and then us? But the ob wants us to pay in advanced for our delivery? And my due date is 2015, so naturally the number was much larger than I had wanted it to be. I called my insurance and they were like “you need to have that baby 4-5 days early.” I know! ugh!

Any who, 15 weeks today. I don’t really feel much different. I really don’t have a bump, people say they see bumps, but I promise you, that is just chub I had before. I guess at the end of the day, I probably have one. I’m still –6 pounds. So who knows. This week I have started to be able to feel my uterus all the time(it use to be just when I was laying on my belly.) We find out the gender in 12 days!!! Eeeek! I can hardly wait. I think it’s a girl. Joseph thinks it is a girl. We have our girl name(first and middel) picked out, but recently I threw out another option for the “nickname” of her. Joseph isn’t sold. I really like our initial nickname, but I also really like the new one. Who knows. We have our boy first name picked out. I think we may have a middle name, but just because I like it, and Joseph would settle. Either way, we are so overwhelming grateful for this little(maybe as big as 4.5 inches long) life growing inside of me.

Gender Scan and ramblings.

So I really did start another blog. I think I’m going to delete it. I love you ladies too much to just leave. So who knows.

Our gender scan is booked July 24. I can hardly wait. This morning I woke up with the overwhelming feeling that we’re having a sweet baby girl. Like can’t wipe the smile off my face feeling. I don’t know why. I have honestly had two baby dreams, one it was a boy, one it was a girl. I honestly have no preference, but the girl feeling is strong. July 24th can’t come soon enough. 19 days left. AND five of those we’re going to the lake for vacation. The five right before the appointment July 18- 23rd. So that will be nice to help it pass.

Other things, I’m excited to start showing. I think I am getting bigger, but it isn’t a bump yet. Today I am 14 weeks, and it seems like it is flying. My sweet friend sent me a link to this blog in an email. Definitely a necessary read for me right now. I’m excited to start sewing clothes for my cute bump(or not so cute, that’s be fine too.)

I’m also trying to embrace the change. The change to my body. I would say for the most part I am a typical female when it come to body image. Obviously I’d always like to be a size 4, but I’m not, and I’m ok with it. I’ve yoyoed a bit weight wise since I’ve been married. Getting married at pre college weight. Then fall 2012 I was up 23 pounds from that. I had settled into a nice +10 from wedding weight. I felt confident and comfortable in my skin. Since getting pregnant, I’m down 6-8. Which is fine, but I know the weight gain is going to come, and with it stretch marks. Gaining 23 pounds after getting married I have a hand full of stretch marks(love handles, and thighs.) but they’re fine. I was trying to convince Joe that because my body has already stretched to be around 20 pound heavier than I am now, that maybe I won’t get as many new stretch marks. I don’t know why I’m worried about it. I don’t wear bikinis any more(well, I may wear one at the lake when it is just Joseph and I) because I don’t feel comfortable in them mainly, but also a modesty issue. I don’t like being that exposed for anyone but Joseph and my doctor. But it is kind of panicking to think I’m going to have no control over my body. That’s ok, completely ok. Just a bit nervous.

My sweet friend Amy has told me from before we even started trying to have a baby that when she and her husband decided to have a baby, it was the first time in her life that she truly realized she was not in control. Which anyone who has dealt with infertility knows, I can’t will myself to get pregnant. And once you’re pregnant, you can’t control the outcome of that pregnancy. And once you have that baby, you can’t control that little person who has a wonderful mind of their own. So I’m trying to embrace the lack of control. Bring it on!

I’m here.

I’m still here and still pregnant. I am still reading all of your blogs regularly. I am just in a weird place right now I guess. But oh well, I just need to get over it. I am 10w3d pregnant, which may seem confusing if any of you have been following my dates closely. We did the IUI on April 13th, which was 15dpo, so even though we vary likely know when conception took place, my OB still goes by the lmp date, so my weeks now change over on Saturday, and my due date is January 3rd.

I’m feeling unhungry most of the day, and with that unhungriness comes queasiness. It is tolerable, and will totally be worth it.

I took the job at school number 1 I discussed in job offer quandry. So that is something I’m looking forward to.

We have lots planned this summer so Joseph and I can live it up before growing our family. We’re going canoeing, on my birthday/day after we’re going to Holiday world(where you get in discounted if you have a note from your dr saying your pregnant.) We’re going to hang out with my younger sister for a weekend around a lake. We’re going to Joseph’s brothers lake house for a long weekend. We are just trying to have as much fun as possible.

Foster care. Just an update, we are still all in for fostering two kiddos. Our room is set up, and we’re ready, we are just on their timeline. So while it could happen any day, we are still waiting for our workers supervisor to read our homestudy, and ask for revisions. Then our worker will make those revisions, and submit it to her supervisors supervisor, who will then read it and approve it on their own time line. The reason it could happen any day, is if there is a need in our county, that nobody else can take, they can speed up the approval process to get us open and ready before going to another county.

I think I’m in a weird place because I have so much time, and I just want to be making things for our baby. Yesterday I knitted  a pair of booties for the baby. But I’m still so early, and we don’t know the gender, it’s hard to make things.

Today I did spend about three hours reading about cloth diapering. Joseph thinks it is gross, but agreed to consider it. The only reason I like the idea is that I sew. I’m a pretty good sewer. I can sew us all the diapers we would need for at least under $100, probably more like under $50, if I could just buy everything at once. The estimate is that your starter stash(meaning enough to get you started, not all of them that you will ever need) is somewhere between $250-300. So all the financial reasons that cloth diapers are good for people buying premade cloth diapers are increased for us, if we were to make our own. Who knows, ultimately, as bas as it sounds, I’m doing it for cost savings. The green factor is just an added bonus.

So here is a jumbled update of everything.

Week 8 in review: rainbow update

This weeks didn’t bring many changes. I am sleeping 12-14 hours a night, and so thankful to be able to, even when I wake up, I feel like I could sleep for hours more. I had my real first instance of waking up in the middle of the night starving and had to venture out to the kitchen to get something to eat. I had my real first almost vomit, which I credit to brushing my teeth, and am so thankful Joseph was home and able to run to get some saltines.

How far along: this update is for 8 weeks

Total weight gain: –4 lbs from prepregnancy

Maternity clothes: I did make a pair of maternity shorts which I wear frequently. All of my other clothes still fit, but these shorts didn’t until I made them maternity.

Sleep: I feel like I could do this all day.

Best moment of this week: Seeing how big headed our baby is.

Miss anything: Not really.

Size of baby: Right now it’s the size of a grape/green olive.

Food cravings/aversions: aversions to EVERYTHING. I have things I want. Sonic Ice Water is still a big one. I’m really wanting nachos, like the crappy ball game nachos with jalapenos. We’re going to have to stop buy all the gas stations to find some.

Anything making you queasy or sick: The smell of mayonnaise, ground beef, chicken.

Have you started to show yet: Just the bloat, and its bad!

Gender: We both think boy now. we’ll know in about 7 weeks!

Labor signs: too early..

Belly button in or out: In, but I can hardly wait for it to be out!

Wedding rings on or off: I’m pretty bad about remember to wear rings, but just because I’m forgettful.

Happy or moody most of the time: Volatility is high, per Joseph.

Looking forward to: First OB appt on Tuesday the 3rd. Also my grandfather is coming in town.


What scares me the most.

A lot of women have fear about delivery. The unknown. I have two fears about that wonderful day that will be here in the 32 weeks.

1. Joseph. My husband is a type 1 diabetic. He was dx at 21, after we had been married for 2 months. His diagnosis was a scary scary thing, and I’m so thankful we have such wonderful supportive families who drove(past every hospital in town) to bring us clothes and offer us support as we stayed in the ICU. Since then, Joseph has done amazing. He has great control, both of his blood sugars and his impulses. However, when we spent four hours in the ER when I was bleeding, it was enough to get his adrenaline pumping, which has crazy effects on blood sugar. So the endorphins, adrenaline, and anxiety/nervousness around delivery makes me nervous about him. Blood sugar is a weird thing, and there is no predicting it. I just want him to be healthy, comfortable, and coherent through everything.

2. Episiotomy. I hate the idea of one. I don’t want one, honestly I’d rather have a c-section than an episiotomy. I think it is just something I’m going to have to be super clear about with my OB. I don’t want one, if she is really into giving one, then I’ll find a different OB. I don’t want one. Ouch.

Pregnant and sex.

When we first found out we were pregnant. It had been three days since we last had sex. We decided together we wouldn’t partake in relations until our first ultrasound. Mainly because our last loss, we had initial bleeding after sex, we were assured it was ok just a sensitive cervix, I knew it wasn’t. So we waited til we saw a heart beat. We saw a heart beat Thursday, and I was too tired Thursday and Friday, thinking the weekend would be perfect. I started bleeding on Saturday, ER Saturday ultrasound revealed subchorionic hemorrhage, pelvic rest until we followed up with our RE. Five days later we followed up, hemorrhage hasn’t changed, continue pelvic rest. Today at our ultrasound 8w4d hemorrhage was gone! So, after five and half weeks, sex is on. In fact. Joseph took a half day, we came home, I laid down to take a nap, and couldn’t sleep, so I beckoned Joseph in for a little romp. Pregnant sex is nice, hope to have more of it now that we’re cleared.

Maternity Shorts

Our first summer married I bought a cute pair of gap shorts. Size 6(did I mention it was like two weeks after I got married, that wedding diet paid off!) I wore them all summer and loved them. I’m not one to like short shorts, so these were perfect. The next summer, I was able to fit in them, but not freshly laundered. Our third married summer I majorly muffin topped in them quite a bit a few times. So now that is it approaching our fourth summer married, and I’m knocked up, there is NO WAY I could fit into these shorts. So today, I made my first pair of maternity shorts. I know, I’m only 8 weeks, but I couldn’t fit into them anymore anyways, and I’m SUPER bloated. I can definitely see myself living in these. I chose to do a green band because I love this color green, and I didn’t have any neutral colors. So here they are.WP_20140526_001WP_20140526_002WP_20140526_003WP_20140526_004WP_20140526_005WP_20140526_006 

Perfect fit for a growing summer belly. The band is super long, so I’ll definitely trim it down sum, but for now, they’re a wonderful option.

Week 7 in review: rainbow update

This week has been a bit rough. I have just had a constant feeling of unwellness. My RE gave me some diclegis which I started Friday night. Saturday I was super groggy, but felt fine. Today I took an afternoon nap, but the grogginess was nothing like it was Saturday, and I ate well. Like actually came up with what we should eat, which is the first time in a couple of weeks. I’m finding that I don’t really ever WANT any food, so when I do, Joseph is quick to get it. I do enjoy Sonic Ice water(like always!) but that’s about all. I have stopped taking my baby aspirin because of the hemorrhage, but I’m still on my Prenatal, metformin, and added in a colace stool softener, and diclegis. My ultrasound on Thursday 7w4d showed the baby measuring 7w1d(which she assured me is ok) with a heartbeat of 148. My hemorrhage hasn’t gotten any smaller, so I’m still taking it easy, so Joseph and I decided I would not be watching our friends boys anymore. Just the added stress wasn’t worth it. I also went on an interview this week, and have two job offers for the fall. Joseph and I have been discussing which would be best for our growing family, but the decision doesn’t have to be made until Wednesday, so while we’re 90% certain, I’m going to hold off on declaring anything.

How far along: this update is for 7 weeks

Total weight gain: –5 lbs from prepregnancy

Maternity clothes: No, but I feel like looser belly areas make the nausea seem less.

Sleep: Better now that I am going to bed earlier.

Best moment of this week: Hearing the heart beat at 7 weeks 4 days

Miss anything: Not really.

Size of baby: raspberry

Food cravings/aversions: aversions to EVERYTHING.

Anything making you queasy or sick: The smell of mayonnaise

Have you started to show yet: Just the bloat, and its bad!

Gender: We both think boy now. we’ll know in about 9 weeks!

Labor signs: too early..

Belly button in or out: In, but I can hardly wait for it to be out!

Wedding rings on or off: I’m pretty bad about remember to wear rings, but just because I’m forgettful.

Happy or moody most of the time: Easily Cranky.

Looking forward to: Last ultrasound with the RE 8 weeks 4 day.week8

I am fairly certain that 99.9% of this is bloat from my inability to defecate.

Subchorionic hemmorhage

Today I bled. Bright reddish-pinkish blood. Yesterday and today I had cramping. This afternoon we went to the ER. This evening we finally got back for our ultrasound. Our baby has a heart beat of 126. And I have a small subchorionic hemmorhage.

i am to take it easy for three days and followup with our RE.

thankful baby is growing strong. Praying baby stays growing strong.
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