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Breast feeding V. Formula feeding

So I started another blog. I don’t like it because none of you all are there. Lol. Who knows if I’ll keep it up. I had an ob appt Tuesday, baby is doing fine. I’m 13 weeks 5 days today. We took announcement pictures this past Monday and I should be getting them back today. Also, we are officially open for foster care. So prior to this, we could have gotten a placement, but only if every other home in our county couldn’t take them. Now we are just on the list. So yesterday I toured the day care I think we’ll put them in if our in home care thing doesn’t work out. It was a fine day care. But anyways, back to the title.

Here me out, I have no preferences, pretty much about anything in terms of birthing and raising our baby. Except, NO episiotomy. Other than that, I’m good to go. I have been informed that women who struggled to get pregnant, have a higher tendency of post partum depression. Also winter births have a higher tendency of ppd. So honestly, my goal is to just stay as sane as possible post baby. So here’s where it happens. I am only going to get 6 weeks of maternity leave. I think. I can request for more time, but who knows if it’ll get approved. I know 6 weeks is pretty standard here in the US, but it just doesn’t seem like enough time. So with that being said, I could absolutely breast feed and pump, but the initial cost of getting a pump is going to be like $400. In addition to the fact that the first 6 weeks of breastfeeding people say are the worst. Like if you can make it 6 weeks, you can make it longer. But when I go back to work, as far pumping, I don’t think I will be able to match a schedule that will be needed at 6 weeks.

So then I thought, well, I’ll just breastfeed 6 weeks, and then stop. But why would I put myself through 6 weeks of frustration only to stop?

So then I think, I’ll just formula feed for the beginning. I know I know, breast feeding is “better.” But I’m thinking formula may be better for our family, and our situation. Just start right off the bat formula feeding. Be able to have Joseph help with feeding in the early days. Not stress about whether or not baby is getting enough milk. Not stress about figuring out a pumping schedule. Only having to be awake for the feeding, not a feeding and pumping. Then the added stress of going back to work.

See as a teacher, I can only pump on planning or lunch. I can’t tell my students to work quietly for 20 minutes, then duck into a closet to pump. But I just got my schedule, and I wouldn’t be able to pump for 5 hours(lunch) then in the afternoon (1 hour later) I have planning. This seems fine, but at 6 weeks, from what I can gather, I should be pumping still every 3-4 hours, and there is just no way I could. Which I know would cause me stress in addition to having to leave my baby.

So I am legitimately debating this.