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So my RE “Trigger Thursday around 6pm, unless you go earlier than that, but I’d still trigger anyways, just to be sure. And I wouldn’t mess around with LH kits.”

So naturally, yesterday I pee’d on an OPK. I noticed some fertile looking cm, so I wondered.

Let’s all take a moment to rejoice in my fertile looking cm! WOOOO!

So I took an OPK yesterday, early evening, around 5. It was not positive, but it was definitely close. So I took another one this morning, it looked about the same, maybe a bit lighter, but I’m chalking that up to different concentrations of urine(this mornings was practically clear.) I will take another this afternoon, and trigger this evening no matter what. But I’m just hoping that my follicles continue growing until a bit more. I know I’ts just me being greedy. I am so thankful that Femara/Letrazole gave me two follicles, of good size, and so thankful for my RE who is willing to do “booster HCG” shots so they don’t quit growing. And thankful for my amazing husband who has to stab me in the stomach, and bd on demand. And so thankful for everything.

I praying for both these follicles to take. But God’s plan is one, I will be overjoyed. And if His plan is none, I will be overjoyed. My joy comes from Him, not a pregnancy.

Follicle Scan

Today I had my follicle exam, it was at 2:30, and Joseph was unable to come today, but that was fine because there was no bad news. In fact, all good news. To start off…my lining was 8.1mm! Holy cow! Every follicle scan I’ve had has my lining at less than 7. My doctor always says it’ll fluff up from then until the trigger, so it’ll likely be over 7mm(under 7mm and your chances of implanting decrease.) But DAYS before ovulation and I’m at an 8.1. She actually told me I can stop the estrogen.

Also, we could see my cervical fluid on the ultrasound. This is something that we have never been able to see(because I didn’t have any) but I am so thankful for my cervical fluid!

And…we have two follicles, one on each side, measuring 19.5, and 18. Last cycle, if you recall, all but one of my follicles WAY slowed down the growth, and she didn’t want that to happen this time, so she gave me two 200iu HCG shots to boost the growth. I took one tonight(well, Joseph gave me one tonight) and will take another tomorrow. Then on Thursday, I will trigger, and ovulate Saturday. She told me to bd every other day starting today. Normally we try and bd everyday for three days after I trigger, but this time, we’ll do every other day.

I know that our chances are super slim this cycle, but it does make me feel good that everything looks good. Lining, mucus, and follicles. I feel like this is our best chance yet.

Clomid out…letrazole in.

I went to my baseline ultrasound yesterday, and there were no cysts for me! Woo. That doesn’t meant I don’t have lots of follicles, I have lots of those, but no cysts, so we will be medicating this cycle. She was a bit concerned with what to do because last cycle on clomid (150, 100, 150, 100, 150) I produced 6 follicles, then 2 days later all but one had stalled. so cd 11, I had follicles measuring 18, 16, 15, 15, 14, and 13. Then two days like on cd13, the 18 was now a 26, the 16 was an 18, a 15 was an 18, and the rest were about the same. So even though I had three ovulatable eggs(ovulatable, yep that’s a word) the was definitely the dominant one.

So her concern was that she would have never guessed I would have gone from two eggs on 100 mg, to having 6 on cd11, to having 1-3 on cd 13. So she wasn’t sure what to do. Up the clomid because we’d like the eggs closer in size? keep it the same because we don’t want to risk having 6 ovulatable?

Also my lining on cd11 was a 5.8, on cd13 it was a 6.7. The odd of a successful pregnancy decrease if your uterine lining is below a 7. And each egg you produce(mind you I had 6 total, 3 mature) is supposed to help fluff up your lining, and I was on an estrogen patch which was supposed to help as well. But my lining was still taking a hit.

So with that being said she switched us to letrazole(femara.) Letrazole is actually a breast cancer drug so its used off prescription for infertility. Sometimes insurance won’t cover letrazole, but thankfully ours does. I am taking 7 mg cd4-8. I will start the estrogen patch on cd9, go in for my follicle scan cd11, likely triggering cd11-cd13, with progesterone suppositories (200mg) 3dpo til 14dpo.

Joseph and I had always said we’d finish out clomid, meaning we’d do 6 medicated cycles. Since we weren’t able to continue on with clomid, we are planning to do two medicated cycles on letrazole, and take a from March 2014-January 2015 still. Just a different drug.

Christmas bf?

So I ovulated yesterday. It wasn’t super painful, but I could definitely feel it(where usually I can’t.) so naturally I wake up this morning and think about when to test. My RE told me to test on Christmas.

I triggered Monday, which makes all hpt positive. I believe last time the trigger was gone around 9dpo. Which would be Friday December 20th.

My concern is if I test before or on Christmas and its a bfn, it would ruin Christmas. But if its going to be a bfp, I want to know ASAP! I should probably have a smidgen of self preservation and wait til the 26th. Oh well, I have 13 days to figure it out.

Guess who’s not cancelled?!?!

THIS GIRL! Everyone’s thoughts and prayers paid off. We have three follicles that will go! WOOO!. We trigger in the morning. Tonight we feast! (On cheese fondue and happiness!)

My RE told me to test Christmas day…praying for a Christmas miracle!

Life isn’t fair.

We have been saying we’ll finish clomid and we’d be done for a while. That’s six cycles with medication. But here’s how our’s have played out.

Clomid cycle 1: unmonitored, 1 follicle. Pregnant, miscarriage.

Clomid cycle 2: unmonitored, 1 follicle. BFN

Clomid cycle 3: 2 follicles, BFN.

Clomid cycle 4: 6 follicles cd11, likely going to be canceled.

So we have two cycles left, and I honestly feel like we’ve only been trying with the advantage that we need for one out of the four cycles we have had. So I feel robbed. I feel like I had so much hope that 6 clomid cycle would result in a pregnancy, but instead I’m only going to have 3 with the correct fertility help.

And deep down I was hoping so hard clomid would get us a baby. And I would be thrilled and over the moon. Then, in two or so years we could try femara and get another baby. And so on. So my hope of a big family wouldn’t be so crushed. But these cycles happen, and I am still without child, it isn’t only the dream of 1 baby that is not coming to realization, it’s the reality that even if it happens once, the likelihood it’ll happen another time is very small.

So here’s hoping tomorrow there is only 3-4 follicles.


I have great intuition. I knew I was miscarrying when I miscarried. None of this “spotting happens frequently during health pregnancies” crap, my baby was gone. Today my intuition proved right once again. Last post I was talking about how nervous I was that we would have more than three follicles and what that would mean. And for good reason. I have six follicles. 18, 16, 15, 15, 14, and 13. Three in the right, and three on the left. So we are not to have relations if you will until at least Monday. Monday I will go in for another ultrasound. She said there is a possibility the 14 & 13 could drop off, leaving is with four. Which is one more than she would like, but she’d leave it up to us. Here is a chance another could drop off, but as of now it looks like this cycles a bust. Even if they do drop off, chances are by Monday we will be ovulating within a day or so, so usually where we time it to have many days before ovulation, ovulation, and a day or two after covered, we would have missed most of our fertile window. We will def not trigger this cycle so im going to start opks today. Needless to say I’m quite upset knowing that we now only have two cycles left. Prayers for follicles quatre, cinq, and six to drop off are so welcome!

Follow scan…

We are currently in the waiting room at my REs. This is our fourth time coming here, and besides the first, this is the most nervous I’ve been. I’m nervous that I may have too many follicles and she’ll cancel the cycle, which would be devastating because Joseph and I only have two more cycles of clomid. It would be ok obviously, but it would feel like we wasted a cycle. Im sure many of your ladies out there understand what I mean, and hopefully I’m getting ahead of myself.

If not too many follicles, we’ll discuss when to trigger this cycle so Joseph and I can get busy. 😉

Clomid cycle 4, day 5.

100 mg taken at 8:30 pm.

Some minor hotflashes through the night, a big ole hotflash during the day(but only one!) and a slight headache that didn’t last long, other than that, nothing to complain about. Two days til my follicle scan.

I need some opinions. Last clomid cycle, I did clomid cd3-7 and triggered on cd12. This cycle I’m doing clomid cd4-8 (because Thanksgiving through off our baseline scan.) So do you think I’d trigger a day later or still cd12? Its purely opinions, we’ll obviously have to wait and see what my RE thinks, but if anyone can shed some light on this it’d be great!

Crossfit and TTC.

So today I did a cross fit workout. Amy and I went to try it out with Amy’s friend(who’s a regular) at a local gym. I loved it. I have ran so much in my life, I have coached cross country, but I hate running. I use to love it, but then got injured and have never been able to love it again. I would run, but I would hate it. But this morning, in this bare bones gym with big burly guys, loud music, and bright lights I worked my butt off.

I wasn’t particularly good at anything, and embarrassed myself quite a bit(I couldn’t remember how to jump rope, seriously!? who can’t jump rope?), I fell on my butt while doing the snatch, and looked ridiculous trying to summon the little abdominal strength I have to do toe-to-bars. But I feel great.

They gym in having an open house on Saturday and I’m thinking Joseph and I, after our 9:30am follicle scan (!!!!!), will head out to it. I would like to get a membership, it isn’t bad at all, and no contract, so if we got pregnant and I had to stop, we aren’t out TONS of money.

I am a semi-active person. When I was full time teaching, I would consider myself active. I was on my feet and moving all day, then coaching and running with my runners after work. Now I probably work out, if I’m being honest twice a week. So going from twice a week work outs(where Joseph guilts me into them) to 6 days a week cross fit(3 days on, one day off, repeat) I’m not sure if that’s ok for TTC.

Here are my thoughts

I was active for the first 12 month of TTC, and no baby. That was mainly distance running though.

Cross fit is different from anything I’ve ever done. So my body isn’t used to it. I know exercising helps TTC but is crossfit too much? Obviously I’m going to ask my RE about it Saturday, and I’m still really weak(I’m lifting the bar, alone, no added weights.) Its not like I’m lifting my body weight or anything. Does anybody have expereince with starting cross fit when TTC. I think it is different if you were crossfitting first, and then start TTC because your body is used to it. I think I’ve reached the point that I want a baby, if I can’t have a baby, I want to be fit.