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Applications are started

Well, I have enjoyed the last year. Just subbing around, watching some kiddos, sleeping in when I felt like it. And it has been wonderful for my spiritual and emotional well being. Dealing with infertility and teaching I think would have been too much this year. Not even including the fact that I miscarried the first week of school, so that would have been NUTS. But the school year and drawing to an end, which means that positions are becoming available, so my resume starts going out again.

Its going to be difficult to go back to work, especially if we have some kiddos in our home, but I know it’s the best thing for us to do.

But it kinda makes me sad.

Ttc and working.

So I don’t have a full time job. I sub about 2-3 days a week. But how do you ttc with a full time 9-5 job? Our first year ttc I worked full time, but I have the hardest time now. I have to pack opks and a pee cup which I’ll take at lunch and planning. And when I ovulate(my far too many follicles) im fairly certain I will be in too much pain to work. I had some fairly bad cramping today and had to sit down. and I’ve had several hot flashes. It really isn’t too bad, but it’s more difficult than I would like. However, today it is keeping me busy until my appt, so that is greatly appreciated.

Weirdest thing.

Today I am subbing at my alma mater. Good ole’ SOHS. It is just about the most surreal experience I have ever had. Especially because I mis read the time on the job, and for some reason thought I had to be here at 7:35. So I let my house at 7:10, and on the way over I was thinking its weird that I have to be there so early, BC school doesn’t start until 8:45. At a stop sign I opened the job info and saw that I misread. So while I was going to drive through Starbucks and get a coffee, I decided I would stop by my parents house and drink their coffee for free.

So I left my parents house at 8:15. The time I would leave for school junior and senior year(ya know, when I was driving myself.) I was walking into school at 8:30, with tons of students. I walked in the door and there were clumps all over the lobby. In the office the geometry teacher my freshmen year is now a guidance counselor. My geography teacher is now the principal. My chemistry teacher, who was old at the time, is still teaching and who im supposed to go to if I need any help. My freshmen science teacher is right down the hall.

I am a physics teacher today. In the science hall of South Oldham High School.

Hot flash during 6th.

Sixth period was the most difficult class I had today. They weren’t bad, just trying to take advantage or the sub. The others were very sweet and respectful. They got their work done and didn’t pull and crap. So naturally, it would happen that clomid decides to kick my butt and give me the worst hot flash I have had yet. Ugh. I didn’t have sweat stains, but I don’t know how I managed that! It was miserable. I get cranky during a hot flash at home, but put me in a class with 28 Spanish 2 students, nine of which are being punks and watch out. Luckily 7th period is study hall, and I have one student in study hall, and she absent.

I am a high school teacher.

So this school year I was unable to find a job at the district I was trying to transfer into. It was really disappointing because we had planned on me working full time until we had a baby. Well now, I wasn’t working, and I didn’t have a baby. So I applied to be a substitute in every surrounding county, and one small private school. The private school’s approval process was much quicker, so I have already subbed there a few times, (2nd and 1st) grade. I really enjoyed 2nd grade, first wad a bit too young for me. Well today I am subbing in high school. In the district I grew up in. And it has reaffirmed why I am a high school teacher. These kids are smart, independent, able to self motivate, able to take directions and rub with it. Able to handle a small alteration to their anticipated day(ie having a sub.) I am a high school teacher.

Second grade is awesome.

This week I was in a funk, and there was just no getting out of it. Well, Friday I subbed for my first time. It was at a small catholic school about 5 minutes from where  grew up. I subbed for 2nd grade, and L-O-V-E-D it. Those kids were so sweet!

Highlights from second grade:

  • I was asked what my favorite cracker was. (Ya know, because that is a common thing. “Hey, where is Ms. D? Is she every coming back? What’s your favorite cracker?” It is a townhouse, for anyone wondering.
  • RECESS x 2!!! Yes, that is right we had two recesses. One in the morning (like 15 minutes) and one in the afternoon (30.)
  • One student asked when my birthday was. I replied June. Which then caused ALL 25 students to tell me when their birthday was. The last student kindly said “If you forget, the birthday chart is on the wall over there.”
  • Quiet corner. Now Ms. D has a quiet reading corner, but only four kids are allowed in it at a time. I can’t tell you the number of times a student came up and told me “there are more than 4 people in the quiet corner.” To which I wanted to reply “As long as they’re being quiet, everyone in the class could be in the quiet corner.” I didn’t, I simply went over to rectify the situation. But seriously, kids WANTED to be in the quiet corner. This teacher is a genius.

I am subbing at the same school for 1st grade this upcoming Wednesday. It should be a blast.